AGICO Cement and LCDRI have designed and built cement production lines, clinker production lines, cement grinding stations, cogeneration stations, and other projects for more than 100 customers at home and abroad. The following table shows some of our project performance.

1Henan Yanshi Secondary Cement PlantClinker line: 500TPD, cogeneration: 4.5MW
2Henan Xiangshan Group, Yanshi cement PlantClinker line: :800TPD, cogeneration station: 7.5MW
3Luoyang Huanghe Cement Group Ltd, Co.Cement grinding station: 500,000 t/a
4Henan Xinxiang Jindeng Cement Ltd., Co.Clinker line:1200TPD
5Chongqing Fufeng Cement GroupClinker line:1300TPD
6Jilin Tonghua Cement CompanyClinker line:1500TPD
7Henan Luoyang Yichuan Tianyuan GroupClinker line: :500TPD, cogeneration: 6MW
8Shannxi Shenmu Jinlong Electrical Ltd., Co.Use of carbide slag to substitute limestone in producing cement clinker, capacity: 800TPD
9Hebei Dingzhou Xinfeng Building Material Ltd., Co.Cement grinding: 1,000,000 t/a
10Henan Longda Cement CompanyClinker line: 5500TPD,cogeneration: 9MW,cement grinding:200,000 t/a
11Huixian Cement Plant for Power PlantClinker line: 3000TPD,cogeneration: 7.5MW,cement grinding: 1,000,000 t/a
12Jiyuan Mengdian Cement CompanyCement grinding: 1,200,000 t/a
13China United Xichuan Cement CompanyClinker line: 4500 TPD, cement grinding: 2,000,0000 t/a
14Cement Plant for China Great wall Aluminum Company Clinker line: 2500TPD, Cogeneration: 4.5MW
15Henan Xinxiang Zhenxin Cement PlantClinker line: 3200TPD,Cogeneration: 6MW Cement grinding: 1,000,000 t/a
16Fujian Datian Xincheng Cement CompanyClinker line: 4500TPD, Cogeneration: 9MW, Cement Grinding: 1,000,000 t/a
17Building Material Plant for Shengyang Coal Trade GroupClinker line: 5000TPD, Cogeneration: 9MV, Cement grinding: 2,000,000 t/a
18Guizhou Fenggang Xibu Cement CompanyClinker line: 2500 TPD; Cement Grinding: 1,000,000 t/a
19Guizhou Panxian Sanhe Cement CompanyClinker line: 2500TPD, Cogeneration: 4.5MW, Cement grinding: 1,000,000 t/a
20Guizhou Jinjiu Cement CompanyClinker line: 5000TPD, Cogeneration: 9MW, Cement grinding: 2,000,000 t/a
21Changxing Xingminghua Chemical & Building Material CompanyClinker line: 500 TPD
22Xinjiang Qitai Cement CompanyClinker line: 4500TPD, Cogeneration: 9 MW, Cement grinding: 2,000,000 t/a
23Henan Yongyin Chemical CompanyUse of carbide slag to substitute limestone in producing cement clinker, capacity: 2000TPD
24Shanshui (Haozhou, Anhui) Cement CompanyGrinding station: 2,000,000 t/a
25Shanshui (Bengbu, Anhui) Cement CompanyGrinding station: 1,000,000 t/a
26Shanshui Weishan Cement CompanyClinker line: 4500TPD, Cogeneration: 10MW, Cement grinding: 2,000,000 t/a
27Henan Longli Cement CompanyClinker line: 4500TPD, Cogeneration: 10MW, Cement grinding: 2,000,000 t/a
28Henan Sanlian Cement CompanyClinker line: 4500TPD, Cogeneration: 10MW, Cement grinding: 2,000,000 t/a
29Neixiang Tailong Building Material Ltd., co.Clinker line: 3200TPD
30Zibo Lvyuan Building Material Ltd., co.Clinker line: 1000TPD
31Lingbao Yuxi Cement CompanyGrinding station: 1,200,000 t/a
32North Korea Xinchang Cement PlantClinker line: 1500TPD, Cogeneration: 3MW, Cement grinding: 500,000 t/a
33Uzbekistan Ko’rki Cement PlantClinker lines:1000TPD
34Nigeria LinLand Cement Company LimitedClinker lines: 3×4500T/D, cogeneration: 27MW, Power plant: 2×35MW
35Nepal Shivam Cements Pvt LtdClinker lines:1200TPD
36Myanmar Dragon Cement Co., Ltd.Clinker lines:2000TPD
37Malawi Njereza 500TPD clinker lineClinker lines:500TPD
38Mongla ANWA Cement PlantGrinding station: 80 t/h
39GAZI Cement Ltd.Mongla.Grinding station: 50 t/h
40Dubai Bangladesh Cement Mills Ltd.Mongla.Grinding station:160 t/h
41Uzbekistan Samarkand JOMBOY SEMENTClinker line: 2500 TPD; Cement Grinding: 1,000,000 t/a
42Xinjiang Datang Dingwang India Cements LimitedCogeneration:12MW
43AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry (Group) Company Ltd.Cogeneration:3MW
44Xi’an north Huian Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.Cogeneration:3MW      Power plant:2×12MW
45Shaanxi black cat coking Company Ltd.Cogeneration:9MW
46Fugu Jing Fu Coal Company Ltd.Cogeneration:12MW      Power plant:2×25MW
47Luoyang Xiangjiang Wanji Aluminium Co. Ltd.Cogeneration:6MW      Power plant:2×12MW
48Sunwu County Haifeng Thermal Power Co. Ltd.Cogeneration:3MW      Power plant:50MW
49Elm point Sun Chemical Co. Ltd.Cogeneration:9MW
50Heibei Risun groupCogeneration:3MW
51Henan Yuguang Gold and Lead Co., LtdCogeneration:12MW
52Anyang Yubei gold and lead  Co., LtdCogeneration:3MW
53Manasi Shunquan Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.Cogeneration:3MW      Power plant:6MW
54Indonesia PT KERTAS TRIMITRA MANDIRICogeneration:6MW      Power plant:2×12MW
55Tianshan surplus carbon factoryCogeneration:3MW
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