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Ball Mill Liners

Material: High manganese steel, Low chromium alloy cast steel, High chromium alloy cast steel, High chromium alloy cast iron, Rubber, etc.

Liner Forms: Wave liners, Step liners, Wedge bar liners, Studded liners, etc.

Application: Cement ball mills, Beneficiation ball mills, Air swept coal mills, Wet ball mills, Dry ball mills, etc.

AGICO Ball Mill Liners

AGICO provides a variety of ball mill liners with different shapes and materials for customers to choose from. The company also provides customized processing services according to clients’ drawings to ensure that we can supply them with the best quality and most appropriate lining plate products.

Ball mill liners are a kind of very important spare parts of the ball mill. Because they are frequently worn and consumed during the operation of the ball mill, it is necessary to replace them in time to prevent machine failure.

The liner plate is mainly used to protect the ball mill cylinder from wear caused by the direct impact of grinding media and materials. The ball mill liner also plays a role in adjusting the movement state of the grinding media in the grinding bin. Therefore, for ball mills with different grinding particle sizes and different grinding methods, or even different grinding bins of the same ball mill, different forms of liner plates should be selected as required.

Various types of ball mill liners in our workshop

Why Choose Us

Strict Quality Control

Perfect quality control system and strict quality management are necessities to ensure the quality of products. AGICO has excellent testing equipment, a strong technical force, and perfect testing methods. It devotes itself to every process, every spare part, and every service and presents the best products to customers.

Advanced Production Lines

Our factory has built a liner production line at the international advanced level, and has mastered scientific and complete production technology. From drawing design, software simulation to fixed mold casting, each link is strictly controlled and kept improving, striving to bring the best quality products to customers.

High Standard Products

Our products meet the international mainstream standards, including ASTM A27, GB/T 20878, AISI, ASTM, JIS suh35, BS970, BS1449, ISO 683/13, and so on, and have been widely exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions around the world, and are widely praised by customers.

Complete Product Range

We can process customized products according to drawings from clients to meet their needs. We are capable of manufacturing ball mill liners of various shapes and materials. For the current mainstream ball mills, we believe we can provide them with the most suitable liners.

Ball Mill Liner Forms

ball mill liners flat liners

Flat Liners

All lining plates with flat surfaces or cast patterns are flat liners. Their effect on the grinding media basically depends on static friction, and they have a relatively weak lifting effect on the grinding media. So the grinding media inevitably slides when the cylinder rotates, reducing the lifting speed and height, but increasing the grinding effect. Therefore, the flat liner is applicable to the mill barrel mainly for fine grinding.

ball mill liners wedged bar liners

Wedged-Bar Liners

The wedged-bar liners are composed of flat liners and bars. The wedged bar of the liner is higher than the flat liner. The thrust of the bar side on the grinding media and the friction of the flat liner on the grinding media lift them higher and give them greater impact energy. Therefore, the wedged-bar liners are best applicable to the barrel of the ball mill mainly for crushing (coarse grinding). They are especially suitable for grinding materials with large particle sizes and high hardness.

ball mill liners wave liners

Wave Liners

The surface of the wave liner is wavy and convex. This kind of liner has poor lifting capacity for the steel ball. In a wave node, the rising part is very effective for lifting the grinding media, while the falling part has some adverse effects. The wave lining plate is suitable for the rod mill or the rod grinding bin of the rod-ball mill.

balll mill liners step liners

Step Liners

The lining plate surface of the step liner is inclined to combine with the original friction angle and becomes many steps after installation, which can increase the thrust of the lining plate on the grinding medium. The lifting height of the step liner to the steel ball of the same layer is uniform, and the shape of the lining plate does not change significantly after the surface is worn, which can prevent sliding and wear between the grinding bodies. The step liner is applicable to the crushing bin of coarse grinding ball mill and multi bin ball mill.

Ball Mill Liner Materials

Many materials can be used to make ball mill liners, including high manganese steel, low chromium alloy cast steel, high chromium alloy cast steel, rubber, etc. The characteristics of lining plates made of different materials are also different. The appropriate lining plate materials shall be selected according to the grinding fineness, grinding method, grinding medium, and grinding materials of the ball mill.

High manganese steel: The content of Mn in the chemical composition of high manganese steel (ZGMn13) is 12%~14%, and the original surface hardness is HRC 20~HRC 25. During the operation of the mill, the hardening effect is produced after being impacted by steel balls and materials, and the surface hardness can be increased to more than HRC 40. For large mills, the high manganese steel lining plate is often deformed due to severe impact, causing damage to the lining plate itself and the cylinder. Therefore, the high manganese steel lining plate is better used in medium and small-sized ball mills.

Low chromium alloy cast steel: compared with the high manganese steel liners, liner plates made of this material are less sensitive to impact. The low chromium alloy cast steel liners will not be deformed due to impact and can effectively protect the ball mill cylinder. Therefore, they are often used in the coarse grinding bins of large ball mills.

High chromium alloy cast steel: the ball mill liners made of this material is widely applied, which can be used in large, medium, and small-sized ball mills, and can be used in both the coarse grinding bin and the fine grinding bin. It is especially suitable for the mill which uses high chromium cast balls as the grinding media.

High chromium alloy cast iron: the original hardness of this material is high, which is equivalent to that of white cast iron. The ball mill liners made of this material have certain toughness, high wear resistance under the condition of low impact force, and high-cost performance.

Rubber lining plate: In recent years, rubber lining plate has been widely used, which is suitable for grinding special materials. It has good sound insulation effect and strong wear resistance, but is not resistant to high temperatures.

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