ball mill pinion for sale

Ball Mill Pinion

Material: High-quality alloy cast steel.

Processing Weight: ≥ 1 T

Design: According to the drawings provided

Application: Ball mills, rotary kilns, rotary drum dryers, etc.

AGICO Ball Mill Pinions

AGICO CEMENT is a professional ball mill pinion manufacturer, with more than 20 sets of gear processing equipment such as gear hobbing machines and lathes, and a complete blank forging, tempering, processing, gear hobbing, and quenching processing system. It can rapidly produce ball mill pinions of various materials and specifications, with strong processing capacity, sound quality system, and comprehensive drawing scales.

Gears and pinions are important parts of transmission in ball mills. Because of the variety of ball mill models designed and manufactured by various manufacturers, the pinions in the ball mill are also of different sizes and are not universal. However, the design modulus of all pinions must meet the bearing capacity standard, and the manufacturing process is basically the same. Therefore, as long as there are manufacturing drawings, AGICO can always manufacture the pinions required by customers.

finely made ball mill pinions

Why Choose Us

Affordable Prices

Our company has been engaged in the production of ball mill pinions for many years, has rich experience in design and manufacturing, has huge drawing resources, and can provide ball mill pinions of various sizes. The manufacturing process is mature and complete, with large output, which can be produced in batches, saving costs, and fully benefiting our clients.

Advanced and Complete Equipment

We have several hobbing machines with a diameter of 3m-10m, and several submerged arc welding machines of various models. Other equipment include processing devices such as heat treatment electric furnaces, CNC vertical lathes, and CNC lathes, testing devices like mechanical property testing device, impact testing machine, UT and MT flaw detection equipment, and a complete testing system.

High-Quality Material

Our ball mill pinions are made of high-strength alloy steel, which grants the pinion high strength, high precision, and high torque. The material quality conforms to the world mainstream standards, to make sure the pinion is sturdy and durable, and has an extremely low failure rate in actual work.

Considerate Service

We provide customers with detailed online installation guidance services to ensure the correct installation of accessories and normal operation of the equipment. We also provide follow-up maintenance guidance to maximize the service life of our products and reduce their failure rate.

Ball Mill Pinion Details

The ball mill pinion is a straight cylindrical gear, which together with the girth gear forms the transmission part of the ball mill. The durability and reliability of gear transmission parts mainly depend on their machining accuracy and assembly quality.

The manufacturing accuracy and assembly quality have a great impact on the generation of dynamic load, the noise during transmission, and the life of the gear, especially in the installation and maintenance process of the ball mill, the selection and adjustment of the gear pair meshing clearance of the transmission device are very important.

Installation of Ball Mill Pinion

1. Before installing the pinion, carefully check the bearing pedestal, bearing cover, rolling bearing, pinion, shaft, and other parts, remove the burrs on the gear surface, and thoroughly clean them before installation.

2. Lift the assembled pinion gear unit, and place it on the base plate stably according to the predetermined position. Strictly check the installation position of the base plate, the bearing seat, and the transmission shaft, to ensure that the gear engagement performance is good. At the same time, install the coupling half.

3. Fix the ball mill pinion gear unit and its bottom plate with bolts, paint red lead on the tooth surface of the small gear, turn the pinion shaft to make it mesh with the girth gear, and check the contact rate of the gear pair; The tooth length shall not be less than 50%, the tooth height shall not be less than 40%, the contact spot shall tend to the middle, and the backlash between girth gear and pinion shall be 1.40~2.18

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