ball mill trunnion for sale

Ball Mill Trunnion

Material: ASTM: 1025 / DIN: CK25 / BS: 070M26

Diameter: >2 meters

Weights: 5 – 12 tons

Application: cement ball mills, raw meal ball mills, coal mills.

AGICO Ball Mill Trunnion

AGICO CEMENT is a cement equipment manufacturer with strong R&D and manufacturing capacity. Our ball mills and spare parts are widely used in cement, mining, building materials, and other industries. The ball mill trunnions we produce are made of high-strength cast steel and unique heat treatment technology and have high hardness and impact resistance, which can ensure their good stability under long-term operation to the greatest extent. We can also customize and process various ball mill trunnions according to the drawings and dimensions provided by customers.

The ball mill trunnion is a special type of steel casting, which is a key component in the ball mill. It plays the role of supporting and connecting the ball mill cylinder and is also a passage for raw materials. The trunnion of the ball mill may be worn and broken when the equipment is operated for a long time, which may lead to equipment failure or production safety accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct regular inspections and maintenance, and timely repair and replace the trunnion that causes problems.

the manufacturing of ball mill trunnion

Product Features

When the ball mill is working, the axle of the trunnion mainly bears the bending force, while the cylinder bears the shear force. In addition, the fillet at the root of the end disc of the ball mill trunnion is a stress concentration part, which is prone to sand holes, air holes, and microcracks during casting.

AGICO CEMENT has a mature casting method to solve these defects and create better products for customers.

1. We adopt a unique thermal processing technique during the manufacturing to enhance and improve the hardness and impact resistance of the ball mill trunnion;

2. The whole part is made of high-strength steel, with strong wear resistance;

3. In the early stage of casting, we optimized the process structure of the trunnion according to the operating characteristics of the ball mill, focusing on ensuring the stability of the trunnion under long-term operation and improving its service life;

4. Our process is reliable and can control the size according to the tolerance casting

5. We have a complete quality inspection process and professional flaw detection equipment to ensure that the internal castings are flawless;

6. We use sandblasting equipment to effectively improve the surface quality of the ball mill trunnion and make the product look smooth and tidy.

Product Specifications

ball mill trunnions in the workshop
ItemBall Mill Trunnion
Pressure angleCustomized
MaterialAlloy steel & Carbon steel
Applicationball mill, rod mill, tube mill, etc.
PackingSeaworthy plywood packaged on steel pallets or as customers’ request
Delivery dateDepends on the amount and dimensions of the products

Why Choose Us

AGICO has a strong production capacity and fast delivery time. The company has developed advanced casting technology and complete production lines. The factory has casting workshop, molding workshop, processing workshop, wood mold workshop, and smelting workshop, which can independently realize the whole process of ball mill trunnion production. Before casting, we use simulation software to simulate the casting process to ensure casting accuracy.

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