Clinker Cooler Grate Plates

agico grate cooler grate plates

Product Name: Cooler Grate Plates
Material: ZG40Cr27Ni4Si2, ZG40Cr25Ni12Si2
Features: High heat resistance, strong thermal strength, and good wear resistance.
Condition: brand new.
Application: Clinker grate coolers

AGICO Cooler Grate Plate

The grate cooler in a cement plant plays a role in the cooling, transportation, and heat recovery of clinkers discharged from the rotary kiln, which is an important part of clinker production. Grate plates are the core accessory of a grate cooler, which directly affects the cooling efficiency, heat utilization, and equipment operation rate of the cooler machine. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the condition of grate plates and replace the worn grate plates in time.

clinker cooler grate plates
grate plates for grate coolers

AGICO CEMENT produces several types of heat-resistant grate plates, which can be used in the third and fourth-generation cement clinker grate coolers. The company can customize the grate plates according to the actual situation of the customer’s grate cooler, or process and produce them according to the drawings provided.

AGICO Cooler Grate Features

cooler grates for sale
grate plates for sale

Cast with High-Quality Material

Our grate plate is made of high-strength alloy steel, which contains enough chromium, silicon, manganese, and other alloy elements, so that a stable and dense Cr2O3/SiO2 and Al2O3 oxide film can be formed on the high-temperature oxidation surface of the steel. These oxide films can be firmly attached to the surface of the metal, so as to effectively protect the metal from oxidation and corrosion of high-temperature gas and medium.

Rare Elements Added to Further Enhance the Material

A certain amount of nickel and nitrogen elements are added to the material and treated with rare earth to improve the diffusivity of chromium atoms and expand the austenitic structure, thereby improving the heat resistance and thermal strength of alloy steel, further increasing the oxidation resistance of the material, and ensuring that the grate plate can be used in a high-temperature environment for a long time.

Advanced Processing Technique

AGICO is a professional casting production enterprise, that has complete casting lines and rich manufacturing experiences. The company has strong technical force and complete testing means, including advanced SPECTRO spectral analyzer, three coordinate testing instruments, X-ray flaw detection, and other testing equipment. In the casting process, our advanced technique can reduce shrinkage cavity, structural porosity, and other structural defects as much as possible.

Scientific Design

During the operation of the grate cooler, the overall thermal stress level of the grate plate is relatively high, and there is a large stress concentration at the circumference of the grate hole, so cracks are easy to occur at these parts, leading to the failure of the entire grate plate. We increase the thickness of the grate plate working face to improve the high-temperature wear resistance and strength of the surface, and reasonably arrange the position and number of grate holes to improve the ventilation efficiency and reduce the stress concentration in this part. In these ways, the local structure of the grate plate is reasonably improved to reduce the overall stress level of the grate plate, weaken the stress concentration trend, and enhance its working reliability.

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