hammer crusher hammers for sale

Crusher Hammers / Hammer Heads

Material: Alloy steel, high manganese steel, cast steel and high chromium cast iron bimetal composites, etc.

Processing Technique: Forging or casting.

Application: The crushing of granite, limestone, cement clinker, quartz stone, slag, iron ore, bauxite, and other minerals.

AGICO Crusher Hammer Heads

Various types and sizes of hammer crusher hammers are for sale. AGICO has a professional team of engineers and advanced production equipment, and can customize appropriate hammers according to the materials that clients process. AGICO factory has a wide range of product lines, fast production speed, and high production quality, its hammers have been exported to many countries and regions, and were well received by clients.

Hammer heads are the core component of a hammer crusher. The hammers are arranged and installed on the roller shaft of the crusher. When the crusher is running, hammers are driven to rotate at a high speed by the shaft, and hit the materials to crush them into particles with the required sizes. Because it is hammers that directly collide materials during the crushing process, they are most easily worn. Users need to regularly inspect the conditions of hammers, and replace the severely worn ones in a timely manner.

AGICO hammer heads for sale

Why Choose Us

High Standard Materials

We mainly produce wear-resistant hammers made of alloyed high manganese steel, which has better wear resistance than that of traditional high manganese steel hammers. The head of the hammer has good wear resistance and the handle has good toughness, and it is widely used in large limestone crushers in new dry process cement production lines.

Wide Product Ranges

According to the application field of the hammer crusher and the materials handled, we can flexibly adjust the material, size, and process technique of the hammer head to ensure that the product can satisfy the customer. The hammer head with unconventional shapes can also be customized according to the drawings provided by the customer.

Superior Casting Process

AGICO hammer head is made of wear-resistant alloy material by one-time casting, with fine grains and a dense internal structure. After water toughening treatment with quenching solution, the hardness can reach 62HRC – 65HRC, and the service life is longer than ordinary hammer heads.

Complete Product Range

Any defects on the surface or inside of the hammer may reduce its performance or even cause it to break. Therefore, we attach great importance to quality control in the production process, strictly checking each step, and ensuring that every hammer delivered is free of any defects.

Various Crusher Hammers Available

cast hammer heads

Cast Hammer Head

The production process of casting hammers is to make corresponding molds according to the drawings, melt and cast the metal materials required for manufacturing, and then obtain the finished hammers after cooling and solidification. Cast hammers are more flexible than forged hammers, and can be used in a variety of anti-wear and crushing conditions.

On the basis of the original high chromium hammer, AGICO optimizes the matching chemical composition, adopts a variety of alloy modification treatments, and strengthens the hammer with heavy metal elements such as niobium and vanadium, which can resist severe abrasive wear.

forged hammer heads for sale

Forged Hammer Head

In the manufacturing process of forging hammers, alloy steel is used as raw material, and the metal billets are repeatedly forged by forging machinery to make them deformed to obtain certain mechanical properties, shapes, and sizes. After quenching, the working area of hammers can obtain certain wear resistance.

Through forging, the defects such as looseness of metal produced in the smelting process can be eliminated, and the complete metal streamline can be preserved. Forged hammers are favored by many users, their wear resistance and service life are better than those of cast hammers, but their prices are also higher.

Crusher Hammer Head Materials

High manganese steel hammer

High manganese steel hammer heads have good toughness, good processability and low price. Under the action of large impact or contact stress, their surface layers will rapidly produce work hardening, which will greatly improve the wear resistance. However, this type of hammer has high requirements for the overall performance of the crusher. If the physical impact force is not enough or the contact stress is small in actual work, the surface cannot be hardened rapidly and it cannot play its due wear resistance.

High chromium alloy hammer

High chromium alloy hammers have excellent hardness and are a high-quality wear-resistant material. They are widely used in fine crushers with supporting hammer frames and impact crushers. However, the high chromium alloy has poor toughness and is prone to fracture without hammer support.

High chromium composite hammer

High chromium composite hammer, whose handle is made of high manganese steel and working area is made of high chromium alloy. By combining the two, the head of the hammer has high hardness, while the handle has high toughness, giving full play to the respective advantages of the two materials. It is especially suitable for crushing materials with high hardness, such as quartz, basalt, etc. However, its manufacturing process is complex, the process requirements are strict, and the price is high.

Cemented carbide hammer

Compared with other materials, cemented carbide hammers have higher hardness, bending strength, and thermal fatigue resistance toughness. With good thermal hardness and low cost, they solve the problems of cracks, desoldering, chipping, and other problems that are easy to occur in high manganese materials. The hammers of this material have a wide range of applications, and can basically be used in all crushing industries.

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