Girth Gears

Material: ZG310-570, ZG35CrMo

Diameter: >2 meters

Weights: up to 35 tons

Application: ball mills, rotary kilns, rotary drum dryers, rotary coolers, etc.

AGICO Girth Gears

AGICO has complete steel casting equipment and can process large girth gears with a diameter of more than two meters and a weight of 10 to 35 tons according to drawings. Our company is a professional cement machinery parts manufacturer. With professional technical team, experienced workers, and advanced production equipment, we can independently complete wood mold modeling, smelting, pouring, shot blasting, heat treatment, flaw detection, and other processes. As long as you can provide accurate drawings, we will certainly produce high-quality products for you.

Girth gears can be applied on ball mills, rotary kilns, and rotary drum dryers. This spare part is a key component in the rotary device of the rotary kiln. Its installation quality directly affects the balance of the rotary kiln transmission system, the stability of equipment operation, the service life of the kiln lining, and the operation rate of the rotary kiln.

production of girth gears

Why Choose Us

Advanced Equipment

AGICO has two 30t alkaline electric arc furnaces and four large natural gas heat treatment furnaces. Sodium silicate sand molding process is adopted in the casting process, and arc air gouging is adopted for the finishing of steel castings to make products smooth and flat. In the long production process, the company has formed a complete steel casting production system and has the ability to produce large steel castings below 100T per piece.

Outstanding Processing Works

Because girth gears play a very important role in machinery such as ball mills, the requirements for their manufacturing accuracy are rather high. Thus in the production process, each step requires full dedication and excellence. During the processing, AGICO arranges the scribing process many times, which can balance the machining allowance of each part and ensure the machining accuracy and position accuracy of each part.

Strict Quality Control

AGICO has a perfect quality management system. Before leaving the factory, each piece of girth gear manufactured must undergo non-destructive testing to ensure that its quality is intact and meets the standards. In each step of the production process, we have also set up a detection and inspection process, so that we can find the products with quality problems in time and deliver the highest quality products to customers.

Short Delivery Time

AGICO has a large casting base and strong steel casting production strength. We can produce large girth gears and other components in large quantities according to the drawings provided by customers. The casting cycle is short, the output is large, and the quality is guaranteed. It provides a reliable guarantee for the normal operation of rotary kiln, ball mill, and other equipment.

Product Specifications

ItemCasting Steel Girth Gear
Pressure angleCustomized
MaterialAlloy steel & Carbon steel
Applicationrotary kiln, ball mill, rotary dryer, etc.
PackingSeaworthy plywood packaged on steel pallets or as customers’ request
Delivery dateDepends on the amount and dimensions of the products

Product Features

Because girth gears have very large diameters, it isn’t easy to cast a gear as a whole. A girth gear is usually divided into two or more arcs, and the whole structure is formed by connecting their Huff surfaces.

We select the appropriate wood mold for modeling design according to the customer’s requirements and use CAE simulation software to simulate the pouring, so as to cast high-quality gear ring castings in strict accordance with the process flow.

1. The casting process adopts a professional heat treatment process, the structure of the gear is optimized, and the hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance of the gear are greatly improved.

2. The gear is made of high-quality high-strength steel and optimized according to the transmission characteristics of the rotary kiln, so as to improve the bearing capacity and prolong the service life on the premise of ensuring the transmission stability of the equipment.

3. Customized processing is supported, and steel can be selected according to the material standards of different countries to meet the needs of customers around the world.

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