kiln support roller for sale

Kiln Support Roller

Material: Carbon cast steel (ZG55), Chromium molybdenum alloy cast steel (ZG42CrMo).

Processing Weight: 7 – 42 T

Application: Rotary Kilns, Rotary Drum Dryers, Rotary Drum Coolers.

Support Rollers for Rotary Kiln

AGICO CEMENT has rich experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of rotary kilns and kiln spare parts. With the support of mature technology, a talented team, and advanced equipment, the company is capable of customizing and processing kiln support rollers or support roller assemblies required by customers according to the drawings provided. AGICO always endeavors to provide clients with cost-effective and durable support rollers with fast delivery.

Support rollers are critical components of a rotary kiln. It is the supporting device composed of two support rollers that bear the kiln shell. A pair of supporting rollers support the riding ring (tyre), which allows the cylinder to rotate freely and transfers a huge load to the foundation. Cement rotary kilns usually require three to five support roller assemblies, one or two of which are equipped with a thrust roller, which is used to limit or control the axial movement of the rotary kiln.

support rollers for rotary kilns

AGICO Kiln Roller Features

High-Quality Material

AGICO kiln support rollers can be made of materials conforming to local standards according to the country where the customer is located. The Chinese standard ZG55, ZG42CrMo, and other high-quality steels are preferred, so that the manufactured support rollers have high load capacity, surface strength, tensile strength, and impact resistance toughness, and can also maintain good performance under the condition of continuous long-time operation of the rotary kiln.

Mature Thermal Processing Technique

AGICO has mature production technology and complete production equipment. AGICO kiln support rollers have been normalized and tempered during the casting process. The surface hardness of the finished support rollers can be higher than 200HB, and they also have good high-temperature resistance and reduced friction resistance, which can maintain the stable operation of the rotary kiln.

Long Service Life

AGICO support rollers are solid and wear-resistant, with long service life and simple maintenance. The wear rate of the working surface of the support roller is generally 2 to 4 mm per year, and the normal service life can reach 6 to 10 years. In the daily operation of the rotary kiln, the uneven defects occasionally appearing on the surface of the supporting roller can be eliminated by turning, without disassembly for maintenance.

Outstanding Quality Control

AGICO has developed strict quality management specifications for casting products. During the casting process, each product will go through quality inspection procedures in each link, and products will also go through non-destructive testing before leaving the factory to ensure that the internal structure is intact. It is because of our excellent quality management system that our products have excellent quality and are favored by customers all over the world.

Kiln Support Roller Assembly

AGICO CEMENT not only supplies single supporting rollers of rotary kilns but also provides assembled supporting roller assemblies.

The kiln support roller assembly can be divided into sliding bearing roller assembly, rolling bearing roller assembly, and sliding rolling hybrid bearing roller assembly according to the bearings used. At present, the sliding bearing roller assembly is widely used. Each support roller assembly is mainly composed of support roller, support roller shaft, and bearing seat. The bearing seat is equipped with spherical pads, bearing pads, thrust rings, snap rings, and other accessories.

The supporting roller supports the riding ring and rotates under its drive. The sliding bearing transmits the axial force through the groove and snap ring at the end of the shaft. The unit is lubricated by oil extraction in the oil groove and cooled by cooling water in the spherical pad. The supporting roller shaft rotates on the bearing pad, and spherical pads are set at the lower part of the bearing pad, so that the left and right bearings are always coaxial during the installation and adjustment of the supporting roller.

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