Slag pot for sale

Slag Pots

Weight: 10 – 85 tons

Cubage: up to 30 m3

Material: ZG230-450, ZG270-500, ZG310-570, ZG340-640 Steel

Customization According to Drawings: Available

Application: Steel production, metallurgy, mining, chemical industries.

AGICO Slag Pots / Slag Ladles

AGICO has a complete casting workshop, and with advanced casting technology, the company is capable of processing and customizing slag pots of various specifications for customers around the world.

The slag pot is an important equipment in the steel-making industry, which is used to hold the high-temperature slag generated in the process of steel smelting. It is a bowl-shaped container with lifting trunnions on both sides. Slag pots are mainly used to carry converter steel slag, refining furnace steel slag, and ladle casting surplus of continuous casting.

AGICO slag pots are manufactured with standard wooden models. The surface of the core is brushed with a special coating layer to prevent cracking and to ensure that the casting surface is flat and smooth. The composition of main materials and auxiliary materials are strictly tested before production, and during smelting, three times sampling shall be conducted before entering the furnace, as cast, and out from the furnace, and a spectrograph shall be used for testing to strictly control the product quality.

various models of slag pots slag ladles

Notable Features

slag pots used in steel making process
  1. Excellent quality and long service life;
  2. AGICO slag pots meet the mainstream international standards and can meet the needs of customers in various countries;
  3. Excellent high-temperature mechanical properties and good heat crack resistance;
  4. The inner wall of slag pots is smooth and flat, which can avoid slag residue during operation;
  5. Sampling and testing many times during smelting to ensure that the components are qualified;
  6. The trunnion is made of special materials, and the trunnion seat, tank mouth flange, support, tipping ear, and other parts are all inspected with a flaw detector;
  7. Select appropriate materials and optimize the casting process of slag pot according to the actual operating conditions and needs of customers.

Slag Pot Manufacturing Process

Slag pot, as a large steel casting product, is used to load steel slag in front of the steelmaking furnace. Its use environment is often in the harsh conditions of cold and hot alternation, and the heating is changeable, so the requirements for its quality are very high, and the requirements for the casting process are very strict.

slag pot simulation process
CAE simulation
slag pots casting process
Casting process
finished slag pot product
Finished product

1) The process flow shall be designed according to customer requirements, reviewed repeatedly, and then distributed to the casting workshop. Before pouring, CAE software is used to conduct a digital simulation of the casting process, process analysis and quality prediction of the product forming process, and continuous optimization of the slag pot casting process.

2) Manufacture the wood mold according to the design requirements.

3) The workshop starts modeling, makes proper sand boxes, places modeling parts in strict accordance with the process drawings and process operating procedures, and carries out processes such as sand impact, demoulding, mold repair, and core making; Finally, check whether the sand mold is cracked or damaged, and assemble the box in strict accordance with the operating instructions.

4) The raw materials for smelting shall be subject to various tests and analyses, and the raw materials shall be proportioned. Samples shall be taken for spectral analysis. After the results are qualified, the casting shall be started according to the process operating procedures and process requirements.

5) Finish and inspect the product, and cut off redundant risers. Grind the surface of the slag pot to make it smooth and clean, and finally check the size and weight of the finished product.

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