Vertical Roller Mill Grinding Roller

vertical roller mill grinding roller

Product Name: Grinding Roller
Material: ASTM: 1030 / DIN: GS-30Mn4 / BS: 080A32
Features: Good wear resistance, long service life.
Condition: brand new.
Application: Vertical roller mills.

AGICO VRM Grinding Roller

After decades of continuous improvement and improvement, the vertical roller mill has been widely used in the field of cement raw meal, coal powder, and slag grinding. The grinding roll is a key component in the vertical roller mill, and it is also the most worn in the daily operation of the mill. Therefore, regular maintenance is required, and the grinding roller with severe wear must be replaced in time.

As a professional cement equipment manufacturer, AGICO CEMENT can manufacture matching mill rollers for customers according to their drawings or VRM models. We have continuously developed and improved the production process and manufacturing technology over the decades of the production process. At present, we have mature VRM grinding roller production technology. We are committed to improving the wear resistance of the roller of the vertical mill, optimizing the grinding process, and helping customers save maintenance costs.

AGICO Grinding Roller Features

grinding roller for vertical roller mill
Grinding roller for vertical roller mill

1. The grinding roll produced by AGICO has high hardness, strong wear resistance, and is not easy to crack;

2. In the production process, AGICO uses electric arc air gouging to finish the grinding roll, so that the appearance of the grinding roll is smooth and flat;

3. Before leaving the factory, each grinding roll shall pass the process inspection, and the stress surface shall be inspected to ensure that each product is of high quality.

Grinding Roller Forms

At present, the grinding roller forms used in vertical roller mills in various industries can be divided into two types according to the shape, namely, conical roller and wheel roller.

Conical Roller

A conical grinding roller is used together with a flat plate grinding plate, which is characterized by fast running speed, high pressure, small body, light weight of grinding roller, and convenient maintenance.

Wheel Roller

The wheel-shaped grinding roller is often used together with the annular groove grinding plate, and its central vertical section is tangent to the grinding plate. It is characterized by the large diameter of the grinding roll and close contact with the annular groove grinding disc. The contact area between the grinding roll and the material is large, the grinding amount is large, and the output is high and stable; It can also be turned over for use, with less wear and longer service life.

Grinding Roller Materials

VRM grinding rollers made of different materials have different advantages, and we usually customize the grinding rollers with materials designated by customers. If the customer is not clear about the material requirements, we will also select appropriate materials for processing according to the model and purpose of their vertical roller mills. The materials commonly used for VRM roller production are as follows.

grinding roller tyre

Hardfacing Grinding Roller

The hardfacing grinding roller is forged with 42CrMo-A steel at one time. The wear-resistant layer on the roller surface is formed by hardfacing. The thickness of the wear-resistant layer is 15-20mm, and the hardness is HRC56-60. The process of hardfacing grinding roller is complex, and the manufacturing time is long. During the manufacturing process, it requires multiple surfacing, and the welding wire consumption and maintenance costs are high.

Ceramic Grinding Roller

This kind of grinding roller mainly adopts metal matrix composite ceramics. Although it has certain advantages over hardfacing grinding roller, the honeycomb structure on the surface of ceramic grinding roller will reduce the surface friction and effective grinding area, thus reducing the grinding capacity of the mill and increasing energy consumption.

High Chromium Grinding Roller

The high chromium grinding roller is made of high chromium cast iron, which has the characteristics of good crack resistance, good wear resistance, and strong load bearing capacity, greatly increasing the service life of the roll sleeve and reducing the operating cost.

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