Cement Manufacturing Equipment


Raw Meal Preparation

cement crushers for sale

Cement Crushers

AGICO offers 4 types of crushers for cement plants: hammer crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, and cone crusher.

jaw crushers for sale

Jaw Crushers

Jaw crushers are popular size reduction machines for the crushing of very hard and abrasive materials.

coal mill machine for sale

Coal Mill

A coal mill is a mechanical device used to grind raw coal into pulverized coal powders.

rotary dryer machine for sale

Rotary Dryer

High-quality rotary dryers for cement raw meal drying and the drying of other bulk materials.

overland conveyor for sale

Overland Conveyor

Overland conveyors for the long-distance transportation of bulk materials.

Clinker Calcination

cyclone preheater in cement plant

Cyclone Preheater

In the new dry process of cement manufacturing, the raw meal must be preheated in the preheater before entering the rotary kiln for calcining.

cement rotary kiln equipment

Rotary Kiln

Cement rotary kiln plays an important role in the cement production line. AGICO supplies rotary kilns for dry process clinker calcination.

vertical cement kiln for sale

Vertical Shaft Kiln

The vertical shaft kiln is a type of traditional cement clinker calcination equipment, and is still widely used in many small-scale cement plants.

cement clinker grate cooler

Grate Cooler

Grate cooler is the most widely used clinker cooler type in cement plants. Its large capacity can easily satisfy your clinker cooling needs.

rotayr cooler for sale

Rotary Cooler

The rotary cooler machine is a good choice for cooling clinkers. This type of machine is also suitable for cooling other bulk materials.

indirect rotary kiln for sale

Indirect Rotary Kiln

The indirect rotary kiln is built to process chemically active materials prone to reactions with flames.

Cement Grinding

Cement ball mill for sale

Cement Ball Mill

Ball mill is a type of popular cement grinding equipment featuring large capacity and high efficiency.

vertical roller mill in cement plant

Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical roller mills can be used to grind both raw meal and cement clinker. They have great energy efficiency and high output.

roller press machine for sale

Roller Press

The roller press is commonly used as pre-grinding equipment in cement grinding systems.

high pressure grinding roll (HPGR)

High Pressure Grinding Roll

The high pressure grinding roll is a highly efficient crushing machine in the mining and cement industries.

cement mill separator

Cement Mill Separator

AGICO high-efficiency cement mill separators are advanced cyclone air separators.

Auxiliary Equipment

conveyor machines for sale


AGICO has multiple kinds of conveying equipment for sale. 

pulse jet bag filter for sale

Bag Filter

AGICO supplies large-size bag filters that can be used in the cement making process.

esp in cement plant

Electrostatic Precipitator

Finely made electrostatic precipitator (ESP) with high dust removal efficiency.

stacker reclaimer for sale

Stacker Reclaimer

AGICO supplies bridge type and portal type bucket wheel stacker reclaimers.

cement roto-packer machine for sale

Cement Roto Packer

The roto packer is very good at packing bulk cement or other materials into bags.

disc pelletizer machine

Disc Pelletizer

Disc pelletizers (or pan granulators) agglomerate powder materials and form them into uniform round pellets.

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