Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer

The bucket wheel stacker reclaimer working at a bulk material storage yard.

The bucket wheel stacker reclaimer is a kind of large-scale mechanical equipment widely used in bulk material storage yard. As a loading and unloading machine, it can be used for stacking and reclaiming at the same time, and is very efficient.

The bucket wheel stacker reclaimers AGICO supplies are good at piling and reclaiming bulk materials such as limestone, coal, ores, and cereals, which makes them the ideal equipment for bulk material handling at cement plants, power plants, ports, mines, etc.

Functions of Bucket Wheel Reclaimer

The bucket wheel stacker reclaimer is mainly applicable for the stacking, excavation, and homogenization of bulk materials. It reclaims materials by the bucket wheel, and piles materials to a storage pile by reverse operation of the boom belt conveyor.


The transported bulk materials are unloaded to the belt conveyor on the boom by the tail car and then dumped from the front end of the boom to the stockyard. Through the operation of the whole machine, the rotation and elevation of the boom can make the material pile form a neat shape of a trapezoidal section.


Through the rotation of bucket wheel and boom, the material is discharged to the reverse running boom belt conveyor through the unloading plate, and then discharged to the conveyor through the funnel under the center of the machine.

Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer Types

The bucket wheel reclaimer can be divided into two types according to different structures: the portal reclaimer and the bridge reclaimer.

Portal Reclaimer

The portal bucket wheel stacker reclaimer has a portal-shaped metal frame and a luffing bridge. There is a fixed and a movable belt conveyor on the crossbeam of the portal; a tail car running with the frame is mounted on one side of the portal; the bucket wheel is set on the trolley which can move along the luffing bridge through the circular raceway, supporting wheel and stop wheel.

Portal type bucket wheel stacker reclaimer

Bridge Reclaimer

The main difference in structure between the bridge bucket wheel stacker reclaimer and the portal bucket wheel stacker reclaimer is that it doesn’t has a tall portal frame; its bridge is fixed, and is in a lower position; there is no stacking belt conveyor and tail car; there is a material raking car in front of the bucket wheel. When the car is running, it drives the material rake to move along the end face of the pile, so that the bulk material above will slide down and the bucket wheel can take materials easily. The rake also makes the materials stacked in different layers mix evenly when they slide down.

Bridge type bucket wheel stacker reclaimer.

Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer Features

  1. Stacking (or reclaiming) operation can be carried out continuously at the same time with conveying materials, which has high production efficiency;
  2. The resistance of conveying materials by belt conveyor is small, which helps reduce energy consumption;
  3. By integrating stacking and unloading functions into one equipment, it simplifies the layout of the stockyard, shortens the construction period and saves the investment cost;
  4. It has a simple operating system and can realize automatic operation.

Product Parameters

ProductApplicable MaterialRail SpanReclaim CapacityStack Capacity
Portal Type Bucket Wheel Stacker/ReclaimerLimestone, Ore, Coal, Clay, etc.20-55m150-2000 t/h300-3000 t/h
Bridge Type Bucket Wheel Stacker/Reclaimer24-50m400-1800 t/h600-3000 t/h

Appications of Stacker Reclaimer in Cement Plants

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