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Cement Bag Filling Machine

Product Name: AGICO BGYW Cement Filling Machine
Spout Qty: 1 ~ 4
Capacity: 15 ~ 60 t/h
Condition: brand new
Motor Power: 4 ~ 16 kW

Product Description

AGICO BGYW series cement bag filling machine adopts impeller filling mode and integrates a variety of advanced technologies such as microcomputer control technology, electric control switch ram, bag inserting signal acquisition, etc., which can realize the whole process of automatic filling. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized cement plants, grinding stations, and cement packaging lines.

Featuring accurate weighing, stable performance, reasonable structure, simple operation, and durable parts, the AGICO BGYW cement filling machine is fully capable of bagging cement and other powdery materials.

For cement plants whose daily packaging volume is less than 1200t/d, it is more economical to choose two 3-spout inline cement filling machines. For plants with a daily packaging volume of more than 1200t/d, based on the consideration of process layout and production efficiency, it is more suitable to choose more than two roto-packers.

cement bag filling machine
cement bag fillers
agico cement bag packing machine

The experienced engineer team from AGICO equips your cement plant with a complete packing solution! AGICO cement filling machine service includes machinery design, manufacturing, on-site construction, and commissioning. In addition to the impeller filling machine, we also supply roto-packers, Request a free quote now!

AGICO BGYW Series Advantages

AGICO cement filling machines are finely designed and have the following features:

1. High accuracy bag filling and weighing;

2. Reliable control system, easy to operate;

3. Compact structure and lightweight, convenient for adjustment;

4. Great sealing, durable parts, and scientific design grant the machine a long service life;

5. Mechanical and electrical integration, saving power. can realize the automatic functions of pressing and loosening the packaging bag without using pneumatic components;

6. Wide application, suitable for not only cement but also other powdery materials and granulated products;

7. Flexible and customizable design, AGICO provides the most suitable machine capacity and auxiliary equipment according to your needs.

Product Specifications

Qty of Spout1234
Loading Capacity (t/h)15304560
Single Bag Weight (kg)50505050
Motor Power (kW)42×43×44×4
Dust Collecting Air Qty (m2/h)2000400060008000
Whole Set Weight (t)0.5580.8851.211.573

Get in touch with our experts now to get a complete cement bag filling solution!

BGYW Packing Machine Structure Features

1. Unit combined structure

Each spout is an independent unit and does not interfere with each other. Each spout is equipped with a set of transmission devices separately, which has a compact structure and low power consumption.

2. Three-position gate control

The gate control adopts a three-position cylinder to realize the coarse and fine flow filling of the three-position gate, so that the packaging process is fast and accurate, and the exhaust is sufficient during packaging, which is not easy to break the package.

3. Nozzle fluidization device

The packaging machine is equipped with a fluidization device for the nozzle to ensure that it is not blocked, so that the packaging work is stable and high-yield. The single machine output of the three spout packaging machine can reach 45-50 t/h.

BGYW Packing Machine Working Principle

AGICO packaging machine adopts the latest electronic weighing system, which can fully control the whole process of packaging. The operator only needs to insert the packaging bag, and the equipment can automatically complete the packaging of materials and obtain qualified and satisfactory products.

When the worker inserts the packing bag, it will touch the bag inserting the signal switch of the machine at the same time. After the packaging machine receives the signal, the three-position cylinder gate is opened, and the cement in the unloading room is sprayed into the packaging bag through the discharge nozzle under the high-speed rotation of the impeller.

When the cement is filled to a set weight (such as 45kg), the weighing device sends a signal, and the gate control system controls the gate at the half-open position to change the filling material flow from coarse flow to fine flow. Until the rated weight is reached, the weighing device sends a signal again to completely close the gate, and at the same time, the belt press is loosened, so that the cement bag falls from the packaging machine tray onto the belt conveyor and is transported away, completing a cycle of packaging.

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