Cement Crusher

Crusher is a kind of machinery that is widely used in the cement production industry. It is mainly used in the material preparation process to crush the raw materials into proper size particles.

AGICO offers 4 types of crushers for cement plants: hammer crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, and cone crusher.

Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher for cement plants.

The hammer crusher is a kind of crushing machine which uses impact energy to crush materials. It is mainly composed of shell, rotor, impact iron, lining plate, and screening strips. The shell is divided into upper and lower parts, which are welded after being cut by the steel plate. There is a high manganese steel lining plate inside the shell, which can be replaced if worn. The spindle is equipped with hammers with regular array distribution, and together with a rotary table and a hammer passing shaft, they compose the crusher rotor. When the motor drives the rotor to rotate, the centrifugal forces cause the hammers to point radially outwards. After the large materials enter the crushing chamber from the feed port, they are smashed by the high-speed moving hammers. The qualified materials are discharged from the gap between the bottom screening strips, and the unqualified materials are left in the crushing chamber and repeatedly hit by the hammer until they can be discharged.

Hammer crusher can be used for medium and fine crushing of barite, limestone, gypsum, terrazzo, coal, slag, and other soft and hard ores. The equipment can also adjust the gap between the screen strips, improve the discharge particle size to meet the need of users.

Hammer Crusher Features:

1. High output capacity and reduction ratio;
2. Low power consumption and even product granularity;
3. Simple mechanical structure, compact and light;
4. Less investment, simple maintenance, and convenient management.

AGICO Hammer Crusher Specifications

NameModelSPCParametersCapacity (t/h)Motor power(KW)Weight (t)Size
Hammer crusherAGPC-64φ600ⅹ400Charge<100mm, discharge<15mm12-1518.51.31935ⅹ110ⅹ1122
Hammer crusherAGPC-86Φ800ⅹ600Charge<200mm, discharge<10mm18-24552.52523ⅹ1525ⅹ1020
Hammer crusherAGPC-0808Φ800ⅹ800Charge<50mm, discharge<5mm15-20555.181590ⅹ1935ⅹ1390
Hammer crusherAGPC-108Φ1000ⅹ800Charge<200mm, discharge<13mm20-501106.53514ⅹ2230ⅹ1515
Hammer crusherAGPC-1010Φ1000ⅹ1000Charge<200mm, discharge<13mm40-601157.62230ⅹ2220ⅹ1515
Impacting hammer crusherAGPFC-1210Φ1250ⅹ1000Charge<200mm, discharge<10mm Rotor speed: 730r/min60-8013014.42408ⅹ2247ⅹ2392
Impacting hammer crusherAGPFC-1412Φ1400ⅹ1200Charge<250mm, discharge<20mm Rotor speed: 540r/min70-10015017.52500ⅹ2625ⅹ2760
Impacting hammer crusherAGPFC-1616Φ1600ⅹ1600Charge<800mm, discharge<20mm Rotor speed: 550r/min150-220315342840ⅹ3380ⅹ3120
Impacting hammer crusherAGPFC-2018Φ2000ⅹ1800Charge<800mm, discharge<25mm Rotor speed: 551r/min350-45063075.17400ⅹ3700ⅹ4511
Single-stage hammer crusherAGTPCD-1412Φ14200ⅹ1200Charge<600ⅹ600ⅹ900mm, discharge<25mm (residue on sieve:10%)70-12018525.393285ⅹ3104ⅹ3039
Single-stage hammer crusherAGTPCD-1616Φ1650ⅹ1640Charge≤800mm, discharge<25mm 95%160-220315+5.5413420ⅹ3300ⅹ3230
Single-stage hammer crusherAGTPCD-2022Φ2000ⅹ2200Charge<1500mm. discharge<25mm, spindle speed: 370r/min400-600800+451456000ⅹ5000ⅹ4800

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher for cement raw material preparation.

Jaw crushers are used for the crushing of very hard and abrasive raw materials for cement manufacturing. Jaw crushers are a type of earlier crushing equipment, which is still widely used in smelting, building materials, electric power, water conservancy, transportation, and other industrial fields. Jaw crushers are mainly used for crushing all kinds of ores and bulk materials into medium particle sizes. The maximum compressive strength of the crushed materials is 320MPa.

The working principle of jaw crusher: the motor drives the belt and pulley to move the jaw up and down through an eccentric shaft; when the jaw rises, the angle between elbow plate and jaw becomes larger, thus pushing the jaw plate closer to the fixed jaw plate, at the same time, the material is crushed; when the jaw goes down, the angle between elbow plate and jaw becomes smaller; the movable jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate under the action of tension rod and spring, at which time the crushed material is discharged from the lower opening of the crushing chamber. With the continuous rotation of the electric motor, the jaw makes a periodic movement to crush and discharge materials, realizing mass production.

Jaw Crusher Features:

1. High reduction ratio;
2. Even product granularity;
3. Simple mechanical structure, compact and light;
4. High reliability, low maintenance fee, and easy to repair;

AGICO Jaw Crusher Specifications

ModelFeed opening (mm)Max.feeding size (mm)Adjusting range of discharge opening (mm)Processing capacity (t/h)Rotation speed of eccentric shaft (r/min)Motor power (kw)Total weight (t)Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)
AGPE-150×250150×25012510-401-32504P 5.50.8720×660×850
AGPE-200×300200×30018015-502-62604P 7.51.2910×750×990
AGPE-200×350200×35018018-703-102604P 111.51000×870×990
AGPE-250×400250×40021020-605-213006P 152.81300×1090×1270
AGPE-400×600400×60034040-10016-642756P 3071730×1730×1630
AGPE-500×750500×75042550-10040-1102756P 55121980×2080×1870
AGPE-600×750600×750500150-20080-2402756P 5515.82070×2000×1920
AGPE-600×900600×90050065-16050-1602506P 55172190×2206×2300
AGPE-750×1060750×106063080-140110-3202508P 110292660×2430×2800
AGPE-800×1060800×1060640130-190130-3302508P 11029.82710×2430×2800
AGPE-830×1060830×1060650160-220150-3362508P 11030.72740×2430×2800
AGPE-870×1060870×1060660200-260190-3362508P 11031.52810×2430×2800
AGPE-900×1060900×1060685230-290230-3902508P 110332870×2420×2940
AGPE-900×1200900×120075095-165220-3802008P 110523380×2870×3330
AGPE-1000×12001000×1200850195-265315-5002008P 110553480×2876×3330
AGPE-1200×15001200×15001020150-350400-8001806P 160-220100.94200×3300×3500
AGPE-1500×18001500×18001200220-350500-10001808P 280-3551395160×3660×4248
AGPEX-150×750150×75012018-488-253204P 153.81200×1530×1060
AGPEX-250×750250×75021025-6013-353306P 225.51380×1750×1540
AGPEX-250×1000250×100021025-6016-523306P 3071560×1950×1390
AGPEX-250×1200250×120021025-6020-613306P 379.72140×1660×1500
AGPEX-300×1300300×130025020-9016-1053006P 5515.62720×1950×1600

Impact Crusher

Impact crusher for cement plants.

Impact crusher is best suited for crushing hard and medium-hard materials with natural cleavage planes. It is widely used in the industry of metallurgy, cement manufacturing, chemical, engineering, etc.

When the feed material enters into the crushing chamber of the impact crusher and collides with the impactor bars installed on the rotor, which is revolving at high speed. The feed material is broken under the high-speed impact, its fragments are hit back by the breaker plate and broken again until they are sufficiently reduced to the proper size to pass through the gap between the two breaker plates. Adjusting the gap between the breaker plates and the rotor frame can change the size and shape of the material.

Impact Crusher Features:

1. Can be applied for various types of materials;
2. Fine product particle size;
3. Simple mechanical structure, compact and light;
4. Easy to repair and replace parts, low maintenance fee.

AGICO Impact Crusher Specifications

ModelSpecification (mm)Feed opening (mm)The Maximum Feeding Size (mm)Capacity (t/h)Power (kw)Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm)Total weight (t)
AGPF-1007Φ1000×700400×73030030-704P 37-452330×1660×230012
AGPF-1010Φ1000×1050400×108035050-904P 45-552370×1700×239015
AGPF-1210Φ1250×1050400×108035070-1306P 1102680×2160×280017.7
AGPF-1214Φ1250×1400400×143035080-1806P 1322650×2460×280022.4
AGPF-1315Φ1320×1500860×1520500100-2806P 2003180×2720×312027
AGPF-1320Φ1300×2000993×2000500140-3806P 2503220×3100×312034
AGPF-1520Φ1500×2000830×2040700200-5504P 315-4003959×3564×333050.6
AGPF-1820Φ1800×20001260×2040800400-8004P 630-7104400×3866×400983.21

Cone Crusher

Cone crusher for raw material crushing.

The cone crusher is also called gyratory crusher, it is mainly used for crushing medium-hard to hard raw materials. In the working process of the cone crusher, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the transmission device, so that the inner crushing cone oscillates under the drive of the eccentric sleeve. The feed material is compressed and crushed by the fixed conical bowl and the oscillating crushing cone head. The material crushed into the proper size will fall and be discharged from the bottom of the machine.

Cone Crusher Features:

1. Easy to operate and maintain;
2. Safe operation and stable performance;
3. Even product granularity;

AGICO Cone Crusher Specifications

of large
end of
Width of
Φ600PYB6006006512-25408P 3052234×1370×1675
Φ900PYB90090011515-5050-908P 5511.22692×1640×2350
Φ1200PYB1200120014520-50110-1688P 11024.72790×1878×2844
Φ1750PYB1750175021525-50180-3608P 16050.33910×2894×3809
Φ2200PYB2200220030030-60420-7008P 280-260804622×3302×4470

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