Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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Product Name: Hydraulic Cone Crusher
Designed Capacity: 250 ~ 1200 TPH
Customizable: Yes
Condition: Brand new
Application: limestone, metal ore, sand frac, coal, construction aggregate, gravel, etc.

The cone crusher is a widely used crushing machine in non-metallic mines, cement plants, sand and gravel metallurgy, and other industries, suitable for intermediate or fine crushing of various ores and rocks with a Proctor hardness less than 15.

Cone crushers use the gap between two inverted cones to break down ores. As the crushing force is pulsating during the operation, a spring mechanism is required. Depending on the properties of the spring, cone crushers can be divided into mechanical spring crushers and hydraulic spring crushers. Thanks to modern computer and automation technology, hydraulic cone crushers are superior to mechanical spring cone crushers in all aspects and are more popular crushing equipment.

AGICO multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is developed and improved by the company based on the introduction of German technology and years of our own technical experience. Our cone crusher combines perfect design of crushing speed, eccentricity, and high-performance crushing chamber. It not only has outstanding production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the application range. From limestone to basalt, it can provide excellent performance in various medium crushing, fine crushing, and ultra-fine crushing operations. Its high speed and high crushing capacity characteristics ensure that the crushed materials have a high-quality cubic shape. Moreover, its easy maintenance ensures the high stability of the machine during the production operation.

AGICO Hydraulic Cone Crusher Advantages

Our hydraulic cone crusher features significant structural improvements over the mechanical spring cone crusher:

  • The hydraulic cylinder replaces the spring, increasing the over-iron travel distance and enhancing reliability.
  • The main shaft and moving cone are separated, with the main shaft being a fixed short and thick cylinder, providing greater load-bearing capacity. The moving cone does not need to limit its rotational speed, improving crushing rates.
  • The bi-directional hydraulic cylinder can clean the crushing chamber in a matter of minutes.
  • The hydraulic motor adjusts the discharge port and can assist in removing the cone assembly.
  • The water ring seal has been replaced by a non-contact TU seal.
  • With increased power, the yield can be increased by up to 50% with the same moving cone diameter.
  • The standard and short head types share a common moving cone and can be matched with eight different liner cavity types.
application of cone crusher
cone crusher machine project

In addition to the improvements made to the structure of the mechanical spring cone crusher, Our hydraulic cone crusher has further optimized the performance, offering several advantages:

  • Increased eccentricity, improving processing capacity;
  • Faster crushing frequency, greater power, and improved crushing fineness;
  • Higher pivot point of the swing cone, optimized chamber design;
  • Thicker lining plates, extended service life;
  • Key components made of high-strength materials, with an appropriate increase in weight, ensuring better reliability.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher Structure & Working Principle

The hydraulic cone crusher consists of the main frame, adjustment ring, feed hopper, bowl-shaped bearing, crushing cone, mantle, bowl liner, adjusting sleeve, hydraulic control system, hydraulic cleaning chamber, and lubrication system.

The working principle of the cone crusher is to crush the ore by the squeezing and bending of the materials between the moving cone liner and the fixed cone liner. The motor drives the horizontal shaft through the V-belt and pulley, and the horizontal shaft drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the gear. The eccentric sleeve drives the main shaft to swing, causing the crushing cone assembly to move back and forth between the moving cone liner and the fixed cone liner, thereby crushing the ore.

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts a special crushing chamber designed based on the inter-particle crushing principle, which replaces the traditional single-particle crushing principle and achieves selective crushing of materials, resulting in uniform particle size distribution. The hydraulic safety system can quickly remove the faulty material by lifting the support sleeve and the fixed cone part when the machine encounters iron or gets stuck, reducing maintenance downtime and improving production efficiency.

AGICO Hydraulic Cone Crusher Specifications

of large
end of
Width of
Φ600PYB6006006512-25408P 3052234×1370×1675
Φ900PYB90090011515-5050-908P 5511.22692×1640×2350
Φ1200PYB1200120014520-50110-1688P 11024.72790×1878×2844
Φ1750PYB1750175021525-50180-3608P 16050.33910×2894×3809
Φ2200PYB2200220030030-60420-7008P 280-260804622×3302×4470

The Automatic Control System of Hydraulic Cone Crushers

The hydraulic cone crusher is equipped with a TC automatic control system based on PLC and computer technology, which comprehensively detects and analyzes the relevant equipment of the crusher for control. The TC automatic control system not only has automatic control functions but also records various information, including discharge port, power, current, voltage, oil temperature, bearing temperature, feed material position, filter pressure difference, overload vibration, alarm signals, etc. Moreover, it is equipped with a communication interface, which facilitates the management staff to access and view the on-site data.

The TC automatic control system has four control loops, including the equipment operation and input power control loop, the equipment operation and feeding control loop, the lubricating oil circuit oil temperature, oil pressure, and oil cleanliness control loop, and the hydraulic discharge port adjustment and clearing the warehouse and releasing the control loop for iron blockages. Supported by these four sub-control loops, the system optimizes processing through the computer and achieves automatic control of the crusher.

The TC automatic control system is the most advanced control system that monitors the complex operating conditions of the crusher effectively with advanced intelligent control technology. It can instantly display and adjust the discharge port, motor running power, crushing force, and wear information of the lining plate and automatically compensate, keeping the discharge port running at the set value. Moreover, it can preset various operating conditions for different material properties and achieve unmanned operation to the maximum extent.

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