Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher

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Product Name: Impact Crusher / HSI Crusher
Designed Capacity: 30 ~ 550 TPH
Customizable: Yes
Condition: Brand new
Application: limestone, metal ore, sand frac, coal, construction aggregate, gravel, etc.

A Horizontal Shaft Impact (HSI) Crusher is a type of crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. This type of crusher has the advantages of simple structure, large crushing ratio, lightweight, low energy consumption, and high output. It is widely used in industries such as mineral processing, cement, aggregates, ceramics, refractory materials, etc. It is often paired with jaw crushers, cone crushers, and other crushing equipment for medium and fine crushing, and secondary/tertiary crushing. When there are high requirements for shaping, appearance, and grade in road building and high-speed rail aggregates, the installation of an HSI crusher can be very helpful.

AGICO CEMENT integrates research and development, production, and sales. For decades, the company has continuously absorbed and introduced international advanced technology, updated its production line and factory equipment, and continuously improved its impact crusher machines. The HSI crushers it produces adopt the latest manufacturing technology and unique structural design, which can handle various medium hardness and soft rocks with particle sizes not exceeding 500mm and compressive strength not exceeding 360 MPa. The processed material is cubic in shape, without tension or cracks, and has a fairly good particle shape.

HSI impact crushers in the workshop

AGICO HSI Crusher Highlights

  1. Simple construction, small size, lightweight, and high production capacity, resulting in low production costs.
  2. Large feeding inlet and high crushing chamber to accommodate high hardness and large size materials.
  3. Ore is crushed along the joint surface, resulting in low power consumption and high efficiency.
  4. High crushing ratio of up to 40, simplifying the crushing process and reducing equipment costs for ore beneficiation.
  5. Adjustable clearance between the impact plate and plate hammer, allowing for effective control of particle size and a good particle shape.
  6. High-chromium plate hammer is impact-resistant, wear-resistant, and can withstand high impact forces.
  7. Comprehensive crushing function, high productivity, minimal wear on machine parts, and high overall efficiency.
  8. Selective crushing and uniform particle size, with most particles having a cuboid shape. Widely used in bridge construction, highway building, port construction, airport construction, and more.
the application of HSI crusher in limestone
the application of impact crusher in sand production

Advantages of Impact Crushers

Strong crushing ability

The impact crusher has a multi-stage impact chamber with sufficient crushing space, making it suitable for crushing large materials.

Energy-saving and efficient

The angle of the impact plate can be adjusted to ensure that the material is repeatedly impacted between the plate and the rotor at an appropriate angle, which can effectively improve the crushing efficiency. The multi-stage impact crushing process also reduces the energy consumption during the crushing process.

Safe and durable

The monitoring system is able to monitor the operation of the crusher at any time, and the monitoring signal can be interlocked with the main control system to ensure safe and reliable operation of the machine.

The impact plate adjustment system also serves as the overload protection device for the entire machine. When foreign objects or unbreakable materials enter the crusher, the impact plate can automatically retract and bounce back, allowing the foreign objects to pass through the crusher and prevent damage to the equipment itself.

Stable operation

The plate hammers of the impact crusher are firmly fixed on the rotor, so the starting torque of the crusher is small, the dynamic balancing performance of the rotor is easy to control, and the dynamic disturbance during operation is small, resulting in smooth startup.

Easy maintenance

The frame of an HSI crusher is a three-piece structure, and only the rear casing of the crusher needs to be opened to replace the plate hammer, impact plate, lining plate, and other parts. The interchangeability of the impact crusher’s parts is strong, the variety of vulnerable parts is small, and it is easier to purchase and manage spare parts.

The hydraulic opening device is used for the opening and closing of the casing, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity and improve the efficiency of maintenance work, and shorten the maintenance time.

AGICO HSI Crusher Specifications

ModelRotor Size (mm)Inlet Size (mm)Feeding Size (mm)Capacity (t/h)Power (kW)Weight (t)Machine Size (mm)
ACPF-1007Φ1000×700400×73030030-704P  37-45122330×1660×2300
ACPF-1010Φ1000×1050400×108035050-904P  45-55222370×1700×2390
ACPF-1210Φ1250×1050400×108035070-1306P  11017.72680×2160×2800
ACPF-1214Φ1250×1400400×1430350100-1806P  13222.42650×2460×2800
ACPF-1315Φ1320×1500860×1520500180-2806P  200273180×2720×3120
ACPF-1320Φ1300×2000993×2000500280-3806P  250343220×3100×3120
ACPF-1520Φ1500×2000830×2040700380-5504P  315-40050.63959×3564×3330

Structure & Working Principle of HSI Crusher

A horizontal shaft single-rotor impact crusher normally consisted of an electric motor, a crusher rotor, hammers, impact plates, and other parts.

working principle of the single rotor hsi crusher

The impact crusher uses the high-speed rotation of the rotor and the hammer on it to impact and crush the material fed into the crushing chamber, and then the crushed material is thrown at high speed in the tangential direction to the impact plate at the other end of the chamber, where it is crushed again, and then rebounds to the hammer from the plate, continuing this process repeatedly. During this reciprocating process, the material will also collide with each other.

Due to the impact and collision between hammers, impact plates, and materials, the material continuously generates cracks and loosens, and eventually is crushed. When the material is crushed into sizes smaller than the gap between the impact plate and the hammer, it is discharged as final powders.

Installation and Debugging

  1. After the impact crusher is delivered, the user should immediately check whether all parts and components are complete and whether there is any damage. Only after confirming that the machine is intact, can installation be carried out.
  2. The user should refer to the foundation drawing provided by us and redesign the foundation construction drawing according to the specific situation on-site, and install the impact crusher firmly on a solid concrete foundation.
  3. During installation, the impact crusher must be leveled.
  4. The motor should be installed on the guide rail so that the tightness of the belt can be adjusted. The pulleys of the rotor shaft and the motor belt must be parallel during installation.
  5. The gap between the impact plate and the plate hammer can be adjusted according to the mechanical properties of the material and the requirements for the particle size of the crushed material to achieve the desired effect. The rotor speed can be changed according to the actual usage.
  6. Adjust the distance between the impact plate and the plate hammer according to the above, and then turn the rotor a few times to check for any jams or collisions.
  7. Empty load test run
    1. After the motor is started, the operation of the impact crusher should be smooth and without abnormal vibration.
    2. The bearing temperature rise should not exceed 35°C, and the highest temperature should not exceed 80°C.
    3. The empty run time is 2 to 4 hours. After the test, check whether there is any looseness at each connection.
  8. Load test run
    1. Load test run can only be carried out after the empty load test run is successful.
    2. After the motor is started, the operation of the impact crusher should be smooth and without abnormal vibration.
    3. The bearing temperature rise should not exceed 40°C, and the highest temperature should not exceed 80°C.
    4. No powder flying should appear at each seal and connection.
    5. Measure the actual power and voltage of the motor, and there should be no abnormal fluctuations.
    6. The load test run should last continuously for 5 to 6 hours. Only after confirming that the operation is normal and correct, can the impact crusher be put into formal production and use.
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