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Cement roto-packer packing machine

Roto-packer / Cement Rotary Type Packing Machine

Product Name: Roto-packer/ Cement rotary type packing machine
Spout Number: 6 ~ 8
Capacity: 60 ~ 160 t/h
Condition: brand new.
Motor Power: 4 kW

Product Description

Roto-packers or rotary packers are highly efficient cement packing machines. Due to their high cement packing capacities and fast cement filling speed, they are the most widely used cement packing machines worldwide.

The experienced engineer team from AGICO equips your cement plant with a complete cement packing solution! AGICO cement packing machine service includes machinery design, manufacturing, on-site construction, and commissioning. Request a free quote now!

AGICO also supplies cement inline packers with 1 – 4 spouts for small-scale packing plants, click for details!

Roto-Packer Features

AGICO roto-packer cement packing machines are finely designed and have the following features:

AGICO roto-packer cement packing machines
  1. Fast packing speed and high packing capacity;
  2. High weighing precision;
  3. Compact design structure and simple working process, the configuration of a cement packing line is very flexible;
  4. High automatic degree and easy to operate;
  5. Stable good performance during long-term running;
  6. Durable parts manufactured with quality materials, reduce your maintenance cost and extend the packers’ service lives;
  7. High airproof, reduce dust pollution and improve workers’ working environment;
  8. High packing efficiency and low energy consumption.

AGICO Roto-Packer Specifications

AGICO also offers customizing design service if the standard models could not serve your production needs.

ModelSpoutDesign Capacity (t/h)Single Bag Weight (kg)Rotating Speed (r/min)Compressed Air Volume (m3/h)Pressure (Mpa)Dust Collecting Air Volume (m3/h)
BH-6J670 ~ 90501.0 ~ 5.090 ~ 960.4 ~ 0.615000
BH-6W-W670 ~ 90501.0 ~ 5.090 ~ 960.4 ~ 0.615000
BH-8W-W8100 ~ 120501.3 ~ 6.890 ~ 960.5 ~ 0.822000

AGICO roto-packers adopt the most advanced packing technology to deliver the best cement packing performance to our clients!

Cement Roto-Packer Working Principle

AGICO roto-packers adopt the most advanced packing technology to deliver the best cement packing performance to our clients.

The process flow of the cement packing with a roto-packer is as follows:

cement packing process with a roto-packer solution in a cement plant.

The cement to be packed is transported to the vibrating screen by the bucket elevator, in which the impurities in the cement are screened out.

The cement is then sent to the intermediate bin for storage. In the bin, it is adjusted by the screw gate and evenly fed to the rotary machine by the impeller feeder through the flap ash lock valve and the chute.

The cement enters each ash hopper from the small silo separated at the bottom of the machine and is filled into cement bags by high-speed impellers through each spout.

The rotation speed of a roto-packer is controlled by frequency conversion, it can be adjusted within a range of 0.45 ~ 4.5 rpm to fit your production speed.

The whole cement filling process is controlled by mechanical and electrical integration automatic system. In addition to manual bag insertion, the functions of cement bag pressing, material opening, bag filling, weighing and measuring, and fixed-point bag dropping can all be completed automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

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