Grate cooler in cement plant

Grate Cooler in Cement Plant

Diameter: 1.5 – 4 meters
length: 15 – 45 meters
Capacity: 2 ~ 70 t/h
Condition: brand new.
Motor Power: 15 – 250 kW

AGICO Grate Clinker Cooler

The grate cooler is a type of clinker cooler, it plays an important role in the clinker manufacturing process. The grate cooler in a cement plant cools and transports the cement clinker from the rotary kiln, and provides heating air (secondary air) for the rotary kiln and preheater. The performance of the grate cooler will directly affect the production efficiency, energy consumption, and clinker quality of the kiln system.

The grate cooler belongs to the family of air quench cooler (AQC). The clinker fed into the grate cooler can be quenched from 1300-1400 ℃ to below 100 ℃ in just a few minutes.

The grate cooler can be further divided into three types: the rotary grate cooler, the traveling grate cooler, and the reciprocating grate cooler. The first two are already obsolete; the reciprocating grate cooler is the mainstream clinker cooling equipment in most cement plants today.

AGICO supplies multiple models of reciprocating grate coolers for your cement clinker production! We also supply rotary coolers for small-scale cement production lines, send us your inquiry now!

grate clinker cooler installation
Installation of a grate cooler

Grate Cooler Functions

  1. Provide a proper clinker cooling rate and improve the quality and grindability of the cement clinker. (When the clinker is quenched, one part of the clinker has no time to complete the crystallization and becomes glass phase, and the other part even crystallizes is finer than that obtained by crystallization at normal cooling rate. Such clinker can be made into higher-grade cement. And also, because the clinker particles will produce thermal stress and cracks after quenching, their grindability will be greatly improved.)
  2. Provide hot air to the rotary kiln as the secondary air and to the preheater as the tertiary air; improve the thermal efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of the clinker production line.
  3. Heat the residual hot air for waste heat power generation and coal mill drying.
  4. Crush the clinker and quench it to the lowest possible temperature to meet the requirement for clinker transportation and cement grinding.

Grate Cooler Structure & Working Principle

Grate Cooler Structure

Reciprocating grate clinker cooler structure.
Structure design of the reciprocating grate cooler

The main parts of a grate cooler include the upper shell, the lower shell, multiple grate plates, the grate transmission device, the grate support device, the clinker crusher (breaker), the automatic lubrication device, and multiple cold air fan units.

Grate Cooler Working Principle

The hot clinker discharged from the rotary kiln falls on the grate bed. Under the push of reciprocating grate plate, the hot clinker is spread on the grate bed to form a material layer.

Working principle of the reciprocating grate cooler.
The working principle of the reciprocating grate cooler

The reciprocating grate plates are composed of alternatively arranged fixed grate plates and movable grate plates. Driven by the transmission device, the movable grate plates located between the fixed grate plates in a row make a horizontal reciprocating movement to push the clinker forward.

The cold air is blown into the material layer from the lower direction of the bed to cool the hot clinker.

The quenched clinker is then screened. After that, small pieces are fell into the conveyor for transportation; large pieces are crushed into small pieces by the crusher and cooled another time before entering the conveyor.

Grate Cooler Parameters

AGICO supplies the following models of grate cement clinker coolers. Inquire about these products is always welcome!

Main ReducerMain Motor

After years of practice, the grate cooler has been proven to be the most mature clinker cooling equipment at present. It plays an important role in the development of new dry-process cement manufacturing technology and further improves the reliability and technical indicators of the cement clinker calcining system.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the grate cooler! We will respond as soon as possible.

Grate Cooler Spare Parts

grate cooler support wheel supply

Support Wheel

drive assembly frame part

Drive Frame

grate cooler base frame

Base Frame

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