Hammer Crusher

AGICO hammer crusher for sale

Product Name: Hammer crusher
Designed Capacity: 10 ~ 600 TPH
Customizable: Yes
Condition: Brand new
Application: limestone, metal ore, sand frac, coal, construction aggregate, gravel, etc.

Our AGPCZ series heavy hammer crusher is a new crusher model developed according to the development trend of the crushing industry and in combination with our experimental data. This series of hammer crushers adopt alloy composite hammers, with production capacities ranging from 100 tons to 3000 tons per hour. Compared with other hammer crushers, their hammer heads have better wear resistance, greater rotational inertia, higher rotor kinetic energy, and also have the characteristics of large feed particle size, high crushing ratio, and low maintenance costs.

hammer crusher models from AGICO CEMENT
Hammer crushers in workshop

A hammer crusher is a kind of equipment for crushing materials in the form of impact. It is suitable for fine crushing of medium-hard materials (such as limestone, slag, coke, coal, etc.), and is widely used in cement, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industrial fields.

Product Features

1. This series of equipment has a high degree of automation and a high crushing ratio. The crushed materials are cubic without internal cracks, but with high compressive strength and good grain size.

2. This series of equipment is convenient to maintain. Its vulnerable parts are made of raw materials with solid compression and wear resistance, leading to a low wear rate and a long service life during the material crushing operation, which greatly saves maintenance and repair costs.

3. We have designed and developed a variety of models for this series of equipment, with the output ranging from 100TPH to 3000TPH, and can freely adjust the discharge granularity to meet the production needs of enterprises of different sizes.

4. The hammer crushers of this series adopt a non-grate design, which will not cause internal blockage when crushing earth-rich raw materials or wet materials.

5. Our hammer crusher adopts high-quality alloy composite hammer heads, which have high hardness and good wear resistance and can greatly extend the service life of the machine and save production costs.

Product Specifications

NameModelSPCParametersCapacity (t/h)Motor power(KW)Weight (t)Size
Hammer crusherAGPC-64φ600ⅹ400Charge<100mm, discharge<15mm12-1518.51.31935ⅹ110ⅹ1122
Hammer crusherAGPC-86Φ800ⅹ600Charge<200mm, discharge<10mm18-24552.52523ⅹ1525ⅹ1020
Hammer crusherAGPC-0808Φ800ⅹ800Charge<50mm, discharge<5mm15-20555.181590ⅹ1935ⅹ1390
Hammer crusherAGPC-108Φ1000ⅹ800Charge<200mm, discharge<13mm20-501106.53514ⅹ2230ⅹ1515
Hammer crusherAGPC-1010Φ1000ⅹ1000Charge<200mm, discharge<13mm40-601157.62230ⅹ2220ⅹ1515
Impacting hammer crusherAGPFC-1210Φ1250ⅹ1000Charge<200mm, discharge<10mm Rotor speed: 730r/min60-8013014.42408ⅹ2247ⅹ2392
Impacting hammer crusherAGPFC-1412Φ1400ⅹ1200Charge<250mm, discharge<20mm Rotor speed: 540r/min70-10015017.52500ⅹ2625ⅹ2760
Impacting hammer crusherAGPFC-1616Φ1600ⅹ1600Charge<800mm, discharge<20mm Rotor speed: 550r/min150-220315342840ⅹ3380ⅹ3120
Impacting hammer crusherAGPFC-2018Φ2000ⅹ1800Charge<800mm, discharge<25mm Rotor speed: 551r/min350-45063075.17400ⅹ3700ⅹ4511
Single-stage hammer crusherAGTPCD-1412Φ14200ⅹ1200Charge<600ⅹ600ⅹ900mm, discharge<25mm (residue on sieve:10%)70-12018525.393285ⅹ3104ⅹ3039
Single-stage hammer crusherAGTPCD-1616Φ1650ⅹ1640Charge≤800mm, discharge<25mm 95%160-220315+5.5413420ⅹ3300ⅹ3230
Single-stage hammer crusherAGTPCD-2022Φ2000ⅹ2200Charge<1500mm. discharge<25mm, spindle speed: 370r/min400-600800+451456000ⅹ5000ⅹ4800

Machine Structure

agico hammer crushers ready for shipment
AGICO hammer crushers

The main working part of this series of heavy hammer crushers is the rotor with hammer heads. The rotor is composed of a main shaft, a disc, pin shafts, and hammers.

When the crusher is running, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed in the crushing chamber. The material fed from the upper feeding port is crushed after being hit, impacted, and ground by high-speed moving hammers, and falls into the lower sieve plate, where they are screened and discharged.


Q: What is the price of a hammer crusher?

A: The price of a hammer crusher is affected by many factors. The cost of crushers with different specifications and output capacities will vary greatly. Besides, the freight of different regions also affects the price. Please contact us by phone or email for a detailed equipment quotation.

Q: Does AGICO supply spare parts for hammer crushers?

A: Yes, our company can manufacture and provide hammer heads and other parts of hammer crushers. Our crusher hammers are made of high manganese alloy material with excellent strength and wear resistance. We can also process and manufacture various crusher accessories according to the drawings provided by clients.

Q: What role do hammer crushers play in cement plants?

A: In the cement plant, the hammer crusher is often used in the limestone crushing section of the raw material preparation process to conduct deep shaping crushing of the raw material after coarse crushing, thus reducing the working stress of the raw mill and greatly reducing the energy consumption in the raw meal grinding process.

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