High Pressure Grinding Roll

CLM series hpgr

Product Name: High Pressure Grinding Roll / HPGR

Application: limestone, clinker, mineral ores crushing / pre-grinding

Capacity: 100 ~ 1450 T/P

AGICO CLM Series high pressure grinding rolls (HPGR) are efficient and energy-saving crushing equipment that can be widely used in crushing and grinding operations in cement, chemical, mining, metallurgy, and other industries.

The high-pressure roller grinding technology has been recognized as one of the most advanced grinding technologies worldwide, which has obvious functions of energy conservation, emission reduction, steel consumption saving, and grinding efficiency improvement. With the continuous development of high-pressure roller grinding technology, the performance of high-pressure grinding roll equipment, and mechanical reliability, the high-pressure grinding roll will have a broader development prospect.

high pressure grinding roll project
HPGR used for mineral crushing

Product Features

1) Durable Parts:

Bearing and other rotating parts have the characteristics of large specification, strong compression and wear resistance, and long service life.

2) Safe Operation:

The whole machine is equipped with advanced automatic control, automatic detection, automatic protection and early warning system. If the equipment fails, it can be found in time, which improves the safety and stability of the equipment during operation.

3) Wide Application:

The high pressure grinding roll can pre-grind fine crushed products and crush medium crushed products, and complete the workload of conventional fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing at the same time.

4) Large Capacity:

The high pressure grinding roll has a large production capacity, simple process configuration, and a scientific and reasonable crushing process.

5) Compact Design:

The machine has a compact structure and a small floor area, which can save site space.

6) Low Civil Work Investment

The crushing action occurs between two rollers, and the resulting extrusion force is absorbed by the frame. It basically does not need to consider the dynamic load while designing the foundation. Therefore, both the engineering quantity of installing the equipment and the civil engineering investment are small.

7) High Efficiency

The high-pressure grinding roll applies the principle of laminated crushing, which is an efficient compressive stress crushing. The crushing efficiency is significantly higher than the ball milling crushing dominated by compressive stress and shear stress, so the energy consumption of the equipment is low.

8) Economic Cost

The material cake produced by the high-pressure grinding roll contains a large number of fine particles, and there are also a large number of stress cracks in the coarse particles, which means that the grinding work index of the material is very low, which can reduce the energy consumption of subsequent grinding and reduce the production cost.

9) Low Noise

The operation process of the equipment is very stable. The materials are crushed by static pressure without fierce collision and impact, so the noise is very low.

10) Low Dust Pollution

In the high pressure grinding roll system, the processes of feeding, crushing and discharging are completed in a relatively closed system, which produces less dust and makes the dust collecting work convenient.

Applications of HPGR

The high pressure grinding roll is a type of high-efficiency and energy-saving crushing equipment developed in the mid-1980s. At the beginning of its industrial application, the equipment was mainly used in the cement industry due to the restriction of roll surface wear-resistant technology. With the increasing maturity of key technologies such as alloy column nail roller surface of HPGR, hydraulic coupling transmission, and direct connection of universal drive shaft and roller shaft, it has been successfully applied to metal mines, especially in the mining field of iron mines, to crush metal ores with medium or above hardness.

high pressure grinding roll project
HPGR project

At present, high pressure roller mill is mainly used in mineral processing. Especially in the iron ore crushing process, it replaces the ball mill pre-grinding system which has high energy consumption and low efficiency. After developing the wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant fixed roll sleeve surface and enhancing the strength of the main bearing, the high-pressure grinding roll mill began to be popularized to the crushing and grinding field in the beneficiation industry.

HPGR Working Principle

The high pressure grinding roll is mainly composed of frame, high-pressure working roller, hydraulic system, and feeding system. The working parts of the high pressure grinding roll are a pair of high pressure rollers arranged in parallel and rotating opposite to each other. Each roller is driven by a motor through a planetary gear reducer, in which the position of the fixed roller is fixed and the moving roller can move on the horizontal slide. The hydraulic system on the sliding roller shaft provides extremely high working pressure (up to 300mpa) to the working roller surface.

Working principle of HPGR

The working principle of HPGR is lamination crushing. When HPGR works, the materials enter the crushing chamber between the two rollers through the feeder with an adjustable opening size, and the full feeding is implemented. Under the dual action of the gravity of the material column and the opposite rotation of the two pressing rollers, the materials are forcibly squeezed into the continuously compressed crushing chamber and compacted. When reaching a certain pressure, they are crushed, and finally form a dense but cracked flake cake, and the products are discharged. There are a large number of fine particles and microcracks in the material cake, which makes the mechanical strength very low and indirectly improves the processing capacity and grinding efficiency of the mill system.

Machine Parameters

ModelsRoller Diameter (mm)Roller Width (mm)Feeding Size (mm)Motor Power (kW)Capacity (TPH)
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