Indirect fired rotary kiln in our factory

Indirect Fired Rotary Kiln

Kiln Body Length: 6 – 18 m

Production Capacity: 15 – 3000 kg/h

Calcination Temperature: 1100±50℃

Application: biomass gasification, mineral pyrolysis, metallurgy, chemical engineering, etc.

AGICO External Fired Rotary Kiln for Sale

Engineered to seamlessly align with the practical needs of our clients, AGICO indirect fired rotary kiln stands at the forefront of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability while delivering uncompromising quality in material calcination. Our indirect kilns can process a wide range of materials, including metal minerals, compounds, molecular sieves catalysts, barite, sewage sediment, biomass waste, and industrial waste.

Combining cutting-edge technology with unparalleled performance, AGICO indirect rotary kiln sets the standard for efficiency, reliability, and environmental responsibility. Contact us today to revolutionize your production process!

external fired rotary kiln
the working principle of indirect rotary kilns
The heating principle of an indirect rotary kiln

Why Indirect Rotary Kiln

The working principle of an indirect-fired rotary kiln is based on the concept of indirect heat transfer. In this design, materials do not come into direct contact with flames; instead, the heat source is located between the insulation shell and the kiln cylinder, transferring heat to the materials being processed via an external heating medium. During the calcination process, inert gases, carbon dioxide, steam, etc., can be injected into the kiln as protective gases. This heating method makes indirect rotary kilns particularly suitable for processing chemically active materials prone to reactions with flames. Moreover, it mitigates the risk of contamination and impurities, finding application in high-temperature oxidation reactions, high-temperature reduction reactions, and chemical roasting processes in industries such as biomass gasification, mineral pyrolysis, metallurgy, battery materials (such as LFP), chemical engineering, and environmental protection.

Indirect Rotary Kiln Tailored to Your Needs

AGICO indirect rotary kiln is meticulously designed to meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency tailored to your industrial processes. The spacious interior and high load-bearing capacity of our kiln provide ample operational flexibility. Whether you’re processing liquids, gases, or solids, our kiln ensures stable and efficient combustion across a wide range of materials.

Compact and Adjustable Design

Featuring a compact structure and adjustable tilt angles, our kiln offers great versatility. Temperature modulation through frequency control enables precise temperature management, empowering you with ultimate control over your production process.

Modular Heating Elements

With a modular design for heating elements, maintenance and replacement are effortless, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Simple operation and easy maintenance make our equipment a breeze to manage.

the design of an indirect fired rotary kiln

AGICO Indirect Rotary Kiln Key Features

Outstanding Materials for Durability

Our rotary kiln is constructed using premium materials to ensure robustness and longevity. The interior lining of the kiln is crafted from superior silicon carbide, renowned for its high strength and thermal conductivity, capable of withstanding temperatures exceeding 1400°C without succumbing to damage. Additionally, the high-temperature zone of the kiln cylinder is fabricated from heat-resistant SUS310S stainless steel, guaranteeing long-term stability and reliability even under extreme conditions.

Structural Optimization for Reduced Losses

The design of our indirect rotary kiln is optimized to minimize energy losses and operational wear. The kiln’s rear end is supported by large support wheels, maximizing contact area for efficient heat dissipation and minimizing stress on the cylinder body. Furthermore, both the kiln head and tail are equipped with sealing devices made of refractory fiber blankets, ensuring excellent airtightness and reducing air leakage. Operating under slight negative pressure, this design prevents backflow and harmful gas leakage, ensuring operational safety and reliability.

Indirect Heating for Energy Efficiency

Our indirect rotary kiln employs electric coil or gas heating methods, encased in an insulated outer shell. The space between the kiln body and the insulation shell forms a heating chamber, promoting uniform heat distribution while minimizing heat loss. This heating method not only conserves fuel but also contributes to environmental preservation by reducing emissions. Moreover, it mitigates the risk of equipment damage caused by excessive heat, ensuring prolonged operational lifespan and sustainable performance.

Advanced Control System for Automation

Engineered for maximum efficiency, our external heated rotary kiln boasts high levels of automation. Integrated with a PLC control system, our kiln utilizes sensors strategically installed throughout the equipment to monitor key operational parameters in real-time. This comprehensive monitoring system enables automatic adjustment of feed rates and combustion temperatures based on precise data feedback, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Product Specifications

ModelRated operating temperatureFurnace pipe sizeRated heating powerInstallation AngleCapacityDimensionsWeight
RQ240 1100℃φ2.4×16.5m2500000kcal/h0.5~2.5°~3000kg/h~18×3.8×3.9m~82T
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