lime shaft kilns manufactured by AGICO

Lime Shaft Kiln

Designed Capacity: 80~400 TPD
Customization: Support
Condition: Brand new
Application: Quicklime production

AGICO Lime Kiln Design

AGICO has rich experience in the construction of vertical shaft kiln systems and can design and build automatic environment-friendly lime shaft kilns. The company provides turnkey project solutions for the production of active lime. Since 2014, our company has successfully developed TTHN type automatic lime shaft kiln by jointly introducing international advanced technology with other enterprises.

Since the first shaft kiln of this type was ignited and put into operation, nearly 100 have been successfully built in China. In recent years, this new type of shaft kiln has been favored by the majority of lime manufacturing enterprises for its remarkable energy saving, low environmental pollution, high automation degree, high production quality, low construction cost, short construction cycle, and other characteristics.

AGICO Lime Shaft Kiln Advantages

Unique design and energy-saving operation

The shell of the kiln is composed of five layers of materials, including high alumina bricks, light insulation bricks, insulation fillers, insulation fibers, and steel kiln shell, with a thickness of 1000mm and a design life of more than five years. In order to use energy more effectively, the whole kiln body adopts a fully sealed design, which greatly reduces the loss of heat from the upper and lower parts, and the calorific value and utilization rate of fuel reach more than 80%.

Special supporting equipment to ensure operation efficiency

This type of lime shaft kiln is equipped with a TTSC double tank distributor, which can evenly distribute limestone and coal on the charge surface after mixing, so that the coal can heat evenly throughout the calcination zone, which not only reduces fuel waste but also improves the quality of lime.

Scientific operation process to save power

The power equipment used in the operation of the kiln, including high-pressure fan, winch feeding motor, rotary ash extractor motor, belt conveyor motor, etc., adopt frequency conversion operation mode to avoid the phenomenon of excess power and no-load operation, which can greatly save the system power consumption.

outstanding dust collecting system

The dust removal equipment adopts an FSD pulse bag filter and FRP desulfurization tower, which can effectively remove the dust, SO2 and NOx contained in the flue gas, and limits the dust concentration in the discharged flue gas to 10mg/nm3.

compact and reasonable Process

After a scientific and reasonable layout design, the floor area of a single lime shaft kiln is only 800 square meters (40 × 40m). Such compact structure achieves space saving and civil engineering cost reduction.

The system is highly automated and easy to operate

All links of the whole production line are automated, such as feeding, weighing, batching, charging on the top of the furnace, spreading, discharging, and feeding finished products into the silo, which greatly saves labor demand and labor costs.

AGICO Lime Shaft Kiln Main Parameters

Effective Volume (m3)100 – 500
Production Capacity (t/d)80 – 400
Heat Consumption (KJ/kg)910×4.1868
Standard Coal Consumption (kg/t)<130
Capacity Utilization (t/d*m3)≥0.85
Reactivity (ml)≥300
CaO in Quicklime (%)≥90
Overburning Rate of Quicklime (%)<5 – 7
Limestone Consumption (t/t)1.8
Flue Gas CO2 Density (%)42
Smoke Emission Index (mg/Nm3)<10
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