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Overland Conveyor

Loading Volume: 70 ~ 18,000 m3/h

Belt Width: 500 ~ 2400 mm

Conveying Speed: 0.8 ~ 6.5 m/h

As a professional heavy equipment supplier, AGICO offers expert long-distance conveyor solutions.

Long Distance Overland Conveyors

Overland conveyors are conveying equipment designed for long-distance transportation of bulk materials. They are widely used in freight ports, mines, power plants, steel mills, cement plants, grinding plants, and other industrial facilities.

AGICO long-distance belt conveyor is an overland belt conveyor that can realize plane turning. It can also make vertical convex-concave arc turning with plane turning to form space turning. It raises the inner curve of the conveyor belt to generate an outward centrifugal thrust when the conveyor is running, to overcome the centripetal force of the conveyor belt tension caused by turning and ensure the smooth running of the conveyor belt.

Our engineers use professional calculation program software to calculate the tension of the conveyor belt at each turn, and then calculate the inclination angle of the idler support and idler at each turn according to these parameters, so as to ensure that the conveyor belt can run stably and reliably at the turn.

long distance belt overland conveyor
Overland Conveyor

Our Advantages

We are committed to providing clients with cost-effective solutions to help customers achieve faster and more efficient bulk material transportation.

Long Distance & Large Quantity Transportation

The longest transportation distance of AGICO overland conveyors ranges from a few kilometers to tens of kilometers, and the maximum conveying volume can reach 20,000 tons per hour.  The conveyor transports bulk materials regardless of the terrain and is more cost-effective than trucks.

More Optimized Structure, Less Noise & Dust

The overall design reduces the use of wearing parts such as buffer device, sweeper, and guide chute; improves the conveying capacity and efficiency, and ensures that the conveyor belt will not deviate or scatter materials during long-distance conveying. It also reduces the generation of dust and noise, which is conducive to environmental protection.

Safe & Stable Transportation, Not Affected by the Terrain

Adopt curved transporting routes to bypass obstacles or unfavorable sections with less or no intermediate transfer stations, reduce the number of overall equipment, make the power supply and control system more centralized, and improve the reliability and safety of the system.

Intelligent Control, Less Manpower & Labor Intensity

The equipment is equipped with a highly integrated intelligent control system, which can realize the centralized control and interlocking of the whole line of equipment in the whole production process, and can effectively reduce the overall maintenance labor intensity of the overland conveyor.

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AGICO Overland Conveyor Applications

In industrial production, overland conveyors can play the role of connecting raw materials, production, and storage. They can transport materials from the origin to the production facilities, and the produced products from there to the storage facilities.

Overland conveyors can realize continuous transportation under the condition of continuous loading and unloading. They have the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, long transportation distance, and large transportation volume.

Compared with truck transportation, the use of conveyors not only has higher transportation efficiency and lower transportation cost but also is more energy-saving and environment-friendly on the whole.

The materials can be transported by the overland conveyor includes coal, coke, coal ash, metal ores (gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, zinc, etc.), non-metallic ores (marble, basalt, limestone, granite, etc.), mineral powder, alternative fuel, slag, aggregate, fertilizer, grain (soybean, corn, wheat), and so on.


The table below shows the standard model parameters of our conveyors. In addition to these models, we can also customize new designs according to the specific needs of clients, or manufacture according to the drawings provided by clients to ensure that we always provide them with the best quality, most economical, and most energy-efficient long-distance conveying solutions.

AGICO overland conveyor specifications
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