Rotary Cooler in Cement Plant

Rotary cooler main body cylinder drum

Product Name: Rotary drum cooler / Rotary cooler
Diameter: 1.2 – 3 meters
length: 12 – 30 meters
Condition: brand new.
Motor Power: 11 – 112 kW

Rotary coolers are a type of traditional cooling equipment in cement plants. They perform especially well on cement clinker cooling in small-scale clinker production lines and mini cement plants.

As a top cement equipment manufacturer in China, AGICO has successfully designed and set up several rotary cooler projects in domestic cement plants and earned a good reputation in the industry. The attached devices, capacity, and material of our rotary coolers can all be customized to fit your business needs, quote now for a detailed project plan.

Large capacity rptary cooler body ready to ship.
AGICO rotary cooler

Besides rotary coolers, we also supply grate coolers for large scale cement production.

AGICO Rotary Cooler Features

In order to provide clients with the best quality rotary coolers, AGICO always adopts the most advanced design and technology to manufacture its product machines. We are confident that every single rotary cooler made by us has the following advantages:

  • Outstanding cooling performance;
  • High processing capacity;
  • Integrated structure, easy to operate and maintain;
  • Durable parts, long service life;
  • Combinations of multiple angle flights greatly improve the thermal efficiency;

Product Specifications


Rotary Cooler Details

The rotary cooler is the earliest invented cooling device that used in rotary kiln systems. In recent years, in order to adapt to the large-scale trend of cement production lines, the traditional rotary cooler technology has been constantly upgraded and improved.

With the successful development of a new type of high-efficiency material lifting device and the continuous improvement of refractory lining and thermal insulation materials, the heat exchange efficiency of rotary coolers has been greatly improved.

Rotary drum cylinder body of rotary cooler.
Rotary cooler drum body

The latest type of rotary cooler can cool the fresh cement clinker to 150 ~ 250 ℃ and provide secondary air at 700 ~ 800 ℃ for the rotary kiln. Its overall thermal efficiency can reach 55% ~ 70%.

Structure Design

The design structure of a rotary cooler.
Rotary cooler structure design

The main body of a rotary cooler is a rotary drum cylinder which is set at a slight horizontal slope. In the cylinder body, there are flights attached to the inner wall. Tyres and riding rings are mounted on the outside of the drum cylinder for its support and rotating.

Other parts of a rotary cooler include a material feed inlet, a discharge outlet, a driving gear, a cooling air fan, etc.

The supporting devices of rotary coolers apply a rolling bearing design, which greatly simplifies the roller wheel structure and reduces the power loss in operation.

Rotary Cooler Working Principle

The rotary cooler uses cold air as the cooling agency to cool the materials.

In the clinker production process, hot clinkers discharged from rotary kilns enter the rotary cooler drum body through the feeding inlet. Under the combined action of cylinder rotation and gravity, the material moves slowly along the cylinder wall to the discharge port at the low end.

The cold air generated by the cooling fan moves from the lower end of the cylinder to the upper end. When it meets with the convective material, thermal energy is transferred from materials to airflow. Bearing the heat of materials, the cooling air is discharged from the upper exhaust outlet and recycled back to the rotary kiln as secondary air.

The flights on the inner wall continuously lift and sprinkle the materials with the rotation of the drum cylinder, so as to make the materials fully contact with the cold air and accelerate the cooling process.

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