steel silos in cement plant

Product Name: Steel Silos
Max Diameter: 28 meters
Max Height: 35 meters
Max Loading Capacity: 1000 tons
Condition: brand new

The steel silo is a type of large cylindrical storage equipment, which is widely used across many industries such as mine crushing, cement production, grain storage, chemical production, and so on.

In cement plants and grinding stations, steel silos are indispensable equipment, which plays the role of connecting and transiting all links of the cement production line. They are mainly used to store raw materials, coal powders, cement clinker, and dry bulk cement powders.

cement steel silos
Steel silos

As a professional cement equipment manufacturer, our company has advanced steel silo manufacturing technology and equipment. The cement steel silo provided by us has excellent quality, long service life, and fast construction speed. With these advantages, it has been successfully exported to many countries and regions and has been highly praised by our clients.

AGICO Steel Silo Advantages

Built by high-quality materials, strong and durable.

We use high intense hot rolled double-sided galvanized coil as the material to build silos. This material has excellent hardness and corrosion resistance, and the silos manufactured by it have a long service life, good airtightness, and a stable structure.

Galvanized steel coils

Advanced silo construction technology, short construction period.

AGICO steel silos are built on-site using advanced double-seaming technology. With its help, a new silo can be constructed within one month.

Lower prices compared to concrete silos.

Compared to the traditional concrete-built storage silo, the construction process of steel silo requires less labor, lower time, and fewer building materials, which is more cost-effective.

Customized storage solutions to meet your needs.

Every single one of our steel silos was designed and built according to our clients’ requirements. For different materials, different storage capacities, and different storage environments, we will tailor the most appropriate storage schemes.

Silo Designing Service

Our expert engineers follow a 3-step method to design the silo construction plan for every client.

Step 1: Learn what the client needs

Our engineers will firstly learn the detailed requirements from the client. What is this silo supposed to store, in what capacity? Where is this silo applied in a production line? Only by understanding these questions can they decide the silo type and the auxiliary equipment to be installed.

Step 2: Inspect the building site

Our engineers will go to the location of the silo project to investigate the surrounding environment and fully understand the local geological conditions and weather data. The purpose of all this is to obtain reliable and real data of local soil density and bearing capacity, to ensure that the designed steel silo will not collapse in the process of future use.

Step 3: Calculate the difference between the silo load capacity and the foundation bearing capacity

After calculating the value of the difference between the loading capacity of steel silos and the foundation bearing capacity, the designers must increase the soil density of the foundation to meet the carrying capacity of the necessary foundations of large steel silos in the range of the permitted modulus value of the fond.

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