grinding plant solution

Cement Grinding Plant / Grinding Unit

Output Capacity: 100 ~ 5,000 TPD

Grinding Mills: roller press / vertical roller mill / ball mill

Grinding Systems: open circuit / closed circuit / vrm final grinding

As a leading cement plant builder, AGICO offers an expert cement grinding plant EPC service.

Cement Grinding Unit EPC Solution

With a strong R&D team, experienced engineers, and first-class technical services, we aim to provide users with the most advanced and optimized cement production solutions.

The main task of the cement grinding plant is to grind the cement clinker into particles with a certain fineness to make it into finished product cement.

Large cement plants usually include both clinker production lines and cement grinding lines, but there are also independent grinding plants that are only responsible for grinding and processing clinker into finished cement products.

We will elaborately create the most appropriate cement grinding station scheme for you according to your production demand, investment budget, market situation, site scale, etc. The one-stop EPC service from the design of the grinding system, the selection of equipment model, to the plant construction, device commissioning, and after-sales equipment maintenance.

Our Advantages

Whether your cement plant needs to build a grinding system or you want to set up an independent cement grinding plant, AGICO can provide you with perfect project solutions.

Diversified Designs for Cement Grinding Plants

We master the construction and design schemes of various cement grinding plant systems such as vertical mill system, combined system, and ball mill system. No matter what type and strength of cement you want to produce, and what production capacity you need, we can customize the appropriate grinding unit for you.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Under the background of global warming, countries all over the world are advocating energy conservation and emission reduction. According to China’s sustainable development strategy, we are constantly improving the cement grinding technology in the direction of higher efficiency, less energy consumption, and lower pollution.

Affordable Prices in Most Developing Countries

As a Chinese enterprise, we can achieve more favorable prices in countries that have signed the Belt and Road Framework Agreement with China, thereby exporting high-quality Chinese technology and products to friends in developing countries in need, and helping them to develop local industries better and faster.

Thoughtful After-Sale Service

Our professional engineering team is ready to serve you at any time. From equipment installation and commissioning to later maintenance, our team will assist on-site. If your equipment encounters any problem in use, we can provide you with online maintenance guidance. If necessary, we will also send professional technical personnel to the site to solve the problem for you.

AGICO Cement Grinding Systems

After decades of technology accumulation, we are capable to provide customers with a variety of cement grinding system construction schemes, including open-circuit and closed-circuit grinding systems with a large ball mill as the core equipment, as well as more technologically advanced two-stage grinding systems and final grinding systems.

AGICO cement grinding vertical mill projects

Open Circuit Ball Mill System

open circuit tube mill grinding system with roller press

In this grinding system, the clinker is only processed by the mill once to become the finished product. This grinding technology features low energy utilization, large power consumption, serious dust pollution, and relatively low quality of finished cement. Now it is quite backward a grinding technology, but its project cost is relatively low, so it is still used in economically underdeveloped areas.

Ball Mill with Roller Press Pre-Grinding Unit

The tube mill system with roller press as pre-grinding unit

This system is usually combined with a roller press and a cement mill. The clinkers are first ground in the roller press, and then screened and graded by the separator. Part of the materials return to the roller press for regrinding, and the qualified materials enter the cement mill for further grinding. Compared with the first two grinding systems, although the grinding process of the combined grinding system is more complex, it is one of the mainstream grinding methods because of its higher grinding efficiency and energy consumption utilization, and less power consumption.

Closed Circuit Ball Mill System

closed circuit tube mill grinding system

After the initial grinding, the materials are screened by the cement mill separator, the fine powders are directly output as the finished product, and the coarse ones are returned to the mill for regrinding. Compared with the open circuit system, the grinding efficiency and output of the closed-circuit system have been greatly improved and the power consumption has decreased.

Vertical Mill Final Grinding System

vertical roller mill final grinding system

The final grinding system is only equipped with a single grinding mill (usually a roller press or a vertical mill). The grinding process is further simplified. It is a common grinding technology in the raw meal preparation process. However, with the continuous improvement of equipment and technology in recent years, this system has also been applied to the cement grinding process. This system not only has higher requirements for equipment but also requires cement products to have a certain particle size gradation. But its simplified grinding process can save a lot of budgets.

Need Assistance to Start Your Cement Grinding Business? We Are Here to Help!

How to Choose the Proper Grinding System?

The two-stage grinding system composed of a ball mill and a pre-grinding roller press or vertical mill and the vertical roller mill final grinding system are the most mature and widely used grinding systems at present, and they are also the systems we most recommend to customers. Of course, in the actual project, we will design the most appropriate grinding scheme for customers according to their requirements.

The vertical roller mill final grinding system features a simplified process, low power consumption, and low wear rate, should be considered as the first choice;

The two-stage grinding systems with pre-grinding units have the most diversified equipment schemes. Through the flexible combination of different equipment, it can be competent for cement production under various output and quality requirements. Their advantages also include high grinding efficiency, energy conservation, and environmental protection. They are the most popular grinding systems, but also have disadvantages such as high construction cost and long construction time;

The open circuit and semi-open circuit systems composed of roller press and ball mill have many disadvantages. In addition to the poor quality of cement produced, the energy consumption is also high. Therefore, the selection of these systems shall be avoided as far as possible.

Cement Grinding Equipment

The core equipment in a grinding plant is the cement mill. According to different grinding systems, the often-used cement mills include ball mill, roller press, and vertical roller mill.

Ball mill & Vertical roller mill for cement grinding

In addition to the cement mill, other commonly used equipments in the cement grinding station include cement mill separators, bag filters and ESPs, cement silos, conveyors, bucket elevators, cement roto packers, etc.

How Does The Grinding Process Affect Cement Strength?

The grinding system directly affects the quality of the product cement. To produce high-quality cement is inseparable from the grinding station with reasonable design, reliable equipment, and careful maintenance.

The dispersion of cement can be defined by the fineness and specific surface area of cement powders. Under the same mineral composition conditions, the higher the dispersion, the finer the cement is ground, the faster the hydration speed, and the higher the strength of cement, especially the early strength.

However, when the value of the specific surface exceeds a certain limit, the effect of strength with its growth becomes not obvious, and the power consumption will increase sharply during the grinding process. In addition, with different grinding methods, the cement strength will be different even if the specific surface area is the same.

Therefore, the selection of appropriate grinding systems and grinding equipment is very important to produce high-quality cement.

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