cement plant upgrade solution

Cement Plant Upgrade

  • Digitalization
  • Increase capacity
  • Increase product quality
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce environment pollution

Comprehensive Cement Plant Upgrade Service from AGICO

As a professional cement plant EPC project contractor, AGICO Cement International Technology Co., Ltd provides a variety of cement plant upgradation and expansion solutions, to help cement producers improve production efficiencies and lower production costs.

Our services include technical upgrade and modification of old cement production lines, providing designing and customized equipment manufacturing; equipment upgrade of the calcining system and grinding system, increasing production capacities, saving energy, and reducing the environmental pollution.

cement plant construction and upgrading

What We Offer

digitalized cement plant control system

Whole Plant Digitalization

calcining system in cment plant after upgrading

Kiln System Upgrade

large cement mill fpr cement grinding system upgrading

Grinding System Upgrade

Our Advantages

Rich Project Experience

Our company has participated in dozens of cement plant upgrading projects at home and abroad, and has rich experience in replacing shaft kilns with rotary kilns, adding new production lines, increasing production and reducing consumption, digitalizing production process, upgrading of main equipment, and so on.

The cement plants we participated in the construction or modification can be found in more than a dozen provinces in China. As our technology began to move towards the forefront of the world, we also began to go overseas. We have participated in many cement plant reconstruction projects in Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and other regions, and have been widely praised by clients for our good service quality.

Talented Professional Team

Our company attaches great importance to talent introduction and training. After more than ten years of development, we have a large-scale technical team, including 42 engineers with master’s degree or above with advanced industry experience. They are subordinate to the mechanical design department, process design department, electrical automation design department, and an R & D laboratory. These departments coordinate and operate to provide our customers with the most appropriate engineering solutions.

One-Stop EPC Service

We can provide the one-stop cement plant upgrading service which covers every link in the process. After receiving the client’s consultation, our professionals can go to the client’s cement plant site for a full-field investigation, and produce a detailed upgrade feasibility report and preliminary upgrade scheme. After that, we will continue to communicate with the client and coordinate the specific work in the upgrading process, and begin to implement the technical upgrade according to the design scheme. This process also includes equipment manufacturing and installation, civil construction, production commissioning, etc., and finally deliver the project.

Why Old Cement Plants Need Upgrade

In recent years, with the rapid development of cement manufacturing technology, cement equipment with more advanced design, more efficient operation, and less pollutant emission is gradually replacing old and outdated cement equipment.

Moreover, as environmental protection issues become more and more concerned all over the world, countries are also constantly improving their environmental protection requirements for high energy consumption and high emission enterprises such as cement plants.

The old cement production lines built in the past have gradually failed to meet the output requirements and environmental protection requirements of today’s cement production. Therefore, it is necessary for cement production enterprises to update their own production lines or various cement equipment.

For example, the old vertical shaft kiln cement production method has high energy consumption, low production efficiency, and high polluting gas emissions, so it should be transformed into a new rotary kiln. Using the rotary kiln for dry cement production not only has low energy consumption, high output, good clinker quality but also has better control of pollutants.

rotary kiln installing to repalce vertical shaft kiln.
Rotary Kiln Installation
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