GGBS Production Line

ground granulated blast furnace slag production line

Product Name: GGBS Production Line / Slag Mill
Capacity: 3,6000 – 1,000,000 T/Y
Grinding Systems: VRM system, Ball mill open circuit system, Ball mill closed circuit system, Roller press final grinding system.

AGICO is a leading cement industry equipment supplier based in China. It can not only supply all kinds of slag powder grinding equipment including ball mill, vertical roller mill, and roller press, but also provide you with a complete turnkey solution for ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS) production. Through cooperation with Luoyang Design Institue, Tianjin Design Institute, Hefei Design Institute, and other authoritative mechanical design institutions in China, we can provide you with the most technologically advanced and cost-effective slag production line design scheme.

slag mill vertical roller mill
AGICO Slag Mill

Slag Mill System

We can provide a variety of mill systems suitable for granulated ground blast-furnace slag (GGBS) grinding, including open circuit and closed circuit systems with ball mill as the core equipment, vertical roller mill (VRM) systems, and final grinding system and semifinal grinding system with roller press as the core equipment.

We will select the most suitable grinding system for customers according to their production, energy consumption, environmental protection, and other needs.

Ball mill open circuit system

The materials are fed into the ball mill after measurement, and then they are grinded in the ball mill as finished products. The open circuit grinding process is the earliest slag powder grinding technology. It has the advantages of simple process, low technical requirements for operators, and low investment cost.

The unit power consumption of this system is about 100kWh/t per grinding slag with a specific surface area of 450m2/kg. Disadvantages include low grinding efficiency, high energy consumption, high unit product cost, small single-machine capacity, and difficult product fineness adjustment.

At present, this high energy consumption grinding method is not suitable for the development direction of modern enterprises.

Ball mill closed circuit system

Compared with the open flow system, the circular flow system can easily adjust the product fineness, reduce the material over-grinding phenomenon, and improve the grinding efficiency. However, the system of this grinding process is complex, and the disadvantages of small single-machine capacity and low efficiency still exist.

The unit power consumption of this system is about 75kWh/t per grinding slag with a specific surface area of 450m2/kg, the consumption of grinding media is more than 300g / T, and the operating cost is high.

Roller press system

The roller press grinding system can be divided into the final grinding system and the semifinal grinding system. Making full use of the high-efficiency grinding mechanism of the roller press, these systems have high grinding efficiency, and their energy consumptions are lower than that of the ball mill grinding systems.

The unit power consumption of this process is about 50~60kWh/t per grinding slag with a specific surface area of 450m2/kg. However, the content of fine powder in the material pulverized by the roller press is relatively small, so the cyclic load of this system is large. And there is also a problem of equipment vibration.

Because the amount of fine powder in the finished product produced by this system is small, the quality of the finished product can meet the requirements, but it is slightly worse than the finished product produced by the ball mill and vertical mill systems.

Vertical roller mill system

The vertical roller mill system integrates drying, grinding, and powder selection. Compared with other grinding systems, it has the advantages of simple system, high single unit output, low investment and maintenance cost, and high reliability.

The unit power consumption of this process is about 45kWh/t per grinding slag with a specific surface area of 450m2/kg. Compared with roller press systems, its power consumption is further reduced, and the finished product milled is also better in particle shape.

Since the late 1980s, vertical mill manufacturers all over the world have done a lot of research work on vertical mill slag grinding technology and achieved fruitful results. The application in recent ten years shows that the vertical roller mill grinding system has been a mature and advanced grinding system in the field of slag powder grinding.

vertical roller mill slag production line

AGICO Slag Mill Parameters

At present, vertical roller mill occupies an absolute advantage in slag mill equipment and is the first choice of GGBS production line. The following table shows the parameter configuration of slag vertical mill systems we can provide.

Hourly Capacity (t/h)Annual Capacity (t/y)Vertical Mill ModelDiameterRoller DiameterVertical Mill Motor Power (kW)

Application of Slag Powders

The ground granulated blast-furnace slag is an iron-making by-product. It is made by water quenching the molten slag flowing out of iron making blast furnace.

Slag can be used as a mixture to produce ordinary portland cement and slag portland cement. The research shows that ground granulated blast-furnace slag powder can significantly change the properties of cement and concrete. The water quenched slag is in a microcrystalline state and has good activity. It contains 80% to 90% glass phase. The main components are C2As, CAs2, CS, C2S, and other active minerals. It is the best mixture to produce cement.

Blast furnace slag, as a by-product of the steelmaking industry, is cheap. Whether it is used as an intermediate product and clinker to produce slag cement, or sold as a product for concrete making, its market prospect is very broad.

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