Gypsum Board Manufacturing Plant

gypsum board plant project service

Product Name: Gypsum Board Manufacturing Plant

Capacity: 1.5 million ~ 20 million m2/y

Product Standard: GB/T9775-2019 Chinese stand

AGICO supplies turnkey gypsum plasterboard solutions from plant designing to completion. With talented engineers and advanced equipment, we can help you build a gypsum board manufacturing plant with an annual output capacity ranging from 1,500,000 m2 to 20,000,000 m2.

As a professional building material equipment manufacturer, AGICO is committed to providing customers with high-quality, economic, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly equipment systems and plant construction schemes. At present, we have successfully helped customers from many countries to build more than ten gypsum board production lines, and our products and services have been widely praised by our clients.

our gypsum board plant project cases
Our project cases

If you are looking to build a gypsum board manufacturing plant, AGICO is your right choice. Please feel free to contact us for a full quotation!

AGICO Gypsum Board Plant Advantages

1. Due to the scientific design and the advanced manufacturing process, the gypsum board produced by our equipment will have high strength and good water and moisture resistance;

2. The core components of each equipment are carefully made of high-quality materials, with long service life, which are not easy to be damaged during the operation of the equipment, reducing the failure rate and maintenance cost of the whole production line;

3. The whole production line will be carefully designed and arranged according to the site conditions of customers, so as to save site space, reduce installation difficulty and reduce construction hours as much as possible;

4. The production line will be equipped with an automatic CNC system, which not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the labor cost for it is easy to operate and requires fewer workers.;

5. Once the gypsum board plant is done setting up, we will provide operational guidance and training, and lifelong after-sales service.

gypsum board plant details
Gypsum Board Plant Details
Want to start a gypsum board plant?

Production Capacity of AGICO Gypsum Board Plant

Raw materials applicable:

Plaster Powder, Special Paper, Modified Starch, Foaming Agent, White Latex.

Product gypsum board specifications:

Length: 2400 — 3000 mm

Width: 1200 — 1220 mm

Thickness: 8 — 15 mm

Gypsum Board Types Can Be Produced:

a) Common paper surface gypsum board (code name P)

b) Fireproof paper surface gypsum board (code name H)

c) Waterproof paper surface gypsum board (code name S)

d) Waterproof & Fireproof paper surface gypsum board (code name SH)

gypsum board making machines in gypsum board plant
Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machines

AGICO Gypsum Board Plant Specifications

Annual production(m2)Plant area(m2)Drying methodTotal installed capacityProduction line efficiency(m/min)Required workersElectrical configuration
1.5 million60m×26mThermal oil116kw38Siemens
2million70m×26mThermal oil127kw4.210Siemens
3million84m×30mThermal oil166kw6.2511Siemens
4million110m×30mThermal oil/Hot stove210kw811Siemens
5million112m×30mThermal oil/Hot stove234kw10.511Siemens
6million122m×30mThermal oil/Hot stove240kw12.511Siemens
8million136m×30mThermal oil/Hot stove349kw16.511Siemens
10million150m×30mThermal oil/Hot stove467kw2012Siemens
12million172m×30mThermal oil/Hot stove488kw2413Siemens
15million204m×36mThermal oil/Hot stove578kw3115Siemens
20million240m×40mThermal oil/Hot stove778kw4015Siemens
Tell us your needs and we’ll send you a quotation!

What We Offer

After signing the contract:

  • Production line configuration & design drawings;
  • Detailed equipment guidance;
  • Regular equipment manufacturing progress update;
  • In-factory trial assembly & report;
  • Packing & shipping;
  • Engineer-guiding installation & commissioning;
  • Worker training.

After completing the project:

  • 1-year warranty (free);
  • 24 – 7 online in time response;
  • Regular online technical inspection once per year;
  • Lifetime equipment maintenance and repair service;
  • Spare parts/accessories supplement;

Gypsum Board Manufacturing Process

gypsum board manufacturing process flow
Gypsum Board Manufacturing Process

This gypsum board production line uses calcined gypsum powder, water, and various additives as raw materials to manufacture gypsum boards.

During the operation, raw materials are automatically and separately measured and conveyed into the mixer by a continuous auto-conveying system.

After well mixed into slurry and spread onto the gypsum board protective paper, which is continuously moving forward. During the progressing process, the slurry is gradually dispersed with vibration and jointed with back protective paper. 

When going through extruded shaping machine, the slurry is fully wrapped by upper and lower paper, pressing into the well-regulated flat board which is continuously brought forward at a stable and strictly controlled speed.

After minutes, the calcined gypsum in the slurry is hydrated again and crystallized into tiny interpenetrative dihydrate gypsum crystal with higher strength. And then, the wet gypsum board with a certain strength and regular shape is precisely cut into individual boards with set sizes by an auto-controlled cutting system.

The individual boards are orderly arranged, turned over by the program control system, and brought into the dyer. In the dryer, the absorbed water in the boards is evaporated away. following a strict drying system (The crystal water in the gypsum crystal has no loss).

After being brought out from the dryer, the boards are gradually cooled down in the running process. The front sides of every two boards are folded after being turned over again, and the two ends are cut into boards with regular size and nice appearance by an end sawing machine. 

And finally, the boards are conveyed to an automatic stacking machine and stacked into well-ordered finished products before being put into storage.

What Is Gypsum Board

The gypsum board (or gypsum plasterboard) is a kind of building material with lightweight, high strength, thin thickness, and convenient processing. It has the functions of sound insulation, heat preservation, and fire prevention. At present, the gypsum board has been widely used in residential buildings, office buildings, shops, hotels, industrial plants, and other buildings. In the international market, the gypsum board is a new building material highly praised by governments all over the world, which has good development prospects.

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