One of our mini cement plant projects.

Product Name: Mini Cement Plant
Capacity: 50-1000 TPD
Equipment: cement crusher, conveyor, preheater, rotary kiln, cement mill, etc.

Mini Cement Plant Features

Cement plants with clinker capacity between 50tpd and 1000tpd can be called mini cement plants or small cement plants. Mini cement plants are very popular among small and medium-scale cement manufacturing enterprises since they do not require very large cement production capacities.

Mini cement plants have the characteristics of high efficiency, high product quality, energy-saving, and high resource utilization, and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Main Equipment in Mini Cement Plant

Our mini cement plants are designed to adopt the new dry process for cement manufacturing. The equipment in our mini cement plants mainly includes cement crusher, conveying equipment, preheater, rotary kiln, and cement grinding mill.

Cement Crusher

Cement crushers used in mini cement plants.
AGICO cement crushers

The cement crusher is the key equipment for raw material crushing. Because the sizes of just mined limestone (raw material for most cement types) pieces are too big, we have to crush them into small particles for cement manufacturing. The cement crushers that can be used in mini cement plants are hammer crusher, jaw crusher, roll crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, etc.

Conveying Equipment

Feeders and conveyors used in mini cement plants.
feeders & conveyors

The conveying equipment is an indispensable auxiliary device for material transportation in mini cement plants. Conveying equipment used in mini cement plants include bucket elevator, conveyors, and feeders.


The cyclone preheater in a mini cement plant.
preheater cyclones tower

A cyclone preheater is an important machine in new dry process cement plants. In cement production, the preheater uses the flue gas in the tail flue of the kiln to preheat the air in front of the kiln to a certain temperature, generating a heating surface through the internal heat sink, so as to improve the heat exchange performance of the kiln and reduce the energy consumption.

Rotary Kiln

The rotary kiln of a mini cement plant.
cement rotary kiln

Rotary kiln is the most favorable cement kiln for new dry process cement plants, it is the place where the raw materials are calcined and burnt to cement clinker. The fuel burns in the rotary kiln to generate heat, which heats the materials through gas conduction or radiation. At the same time, as the kiln body rotates continuously according to the designed slope and rotation speed, the raw materials also periodically roll in the kiln and are transported from the feed end to the discharge end. The rotary kiln ensures that the raw materials are calcined into qualified clinker within the time of passing through, and achieves the purpose of high yield, high quality, and low energy consumption.

Clinker Cooler

rotary cooler cylinder body
rotary cooler

The hot clinkers discharged from the rotary kiln must be cooled before they can be transported and further processed. Rotary coolers and grate coolers are two types of clinker coolers that are often used in the cement industry today. We recommend rotary coolers for mini cement plants, cause they are more cost-effective in the small-scale cement production business.

Cement Grinding Mill

Grinding machines for cement plants.
ball mill & vertical mill

The cement grinding mill is used in mini cement plants to grind the clinker from the cement kiln into fine powders. In our mini cement plants, the most used cement grinding mills are cement ball mill, Raymond mill, and vertical roller mill.

The Advantages of Mini Cement Plant

Small Area Required

Mini cement plants are composed of low-yield equipment which is usually small-sized and covers less area. They can save a lot of land costs for the cement manufacturing enterprises. Small area coverage also leads to more flexibility in location choice. Cement plants can be built near mines where most large and medium-sized cement plants cannot be built, which means they can also help save a lot of raw material transportation fees.

Low Investment Cost

The investment cost of a mini cement plant is lower than that of a medium or large-scale cement plant. It is because that the price of cement manufacturing equipment is relative to their capacities. Cement equipment with higher capacities generally is more expensive. And because the construction process of mini cement plants is simpler, the labor cost is also lower than medium and large-scale cement plants.

Quick Building

The equipment used in mini cement production lines usually possess small sizes, they are more convenient for transporting and assembly. So that the construction speed of mini cement plants is faster than that of large and medium-sized cement plants, which allows enterprises to start production earlier and benefit from the production faster.

Other Benefits

Small cement plants are easier to obtain production licenses and can promote local economic development and create more employment opportunities.

AGICO Overseas Cement Plant Projects

SNLocationProduction lineQuantity
1Vietnam  2,500 tons of cement production line1
2Uzbekistan  2,500 tons of cement production line1
3Vietnam  3,500 tons of cement production line2
4Nigeria  3,500 tons of cement production line1
5Congo (DRC)  2,500 tons of cement production line1
6Brazil  5,000 tons of cement production line1
7Argentina  5,000 tons of cement production line1
8Vietnam  2,500t/d cement production line1
9Brazil  3,000t/d cement plant EP project1
10Vietnam  5,000t/d clinker production line1
11Brazil  1,000,000t/y cement mill plant1
12Brazil  3,500t/d clinker production line1
13Azerbaijan  1,500t/d cement production line1
14Indonesia  2,500t/d cement production line1
15Uzbekistan  200t/d gypsum production line1
16North Korea  1,000t/d cement production line1

AGICO Group has built dozens of cement plants around the world. The outstanding performance of our projects has earned us a high reputation across clients. Contact us for a professional cement plant solution now!

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