ball mill system modular grinding plant

Modular Grinding Plant

Production Capacity: 400,000 ~ 700,000 TPY

Grinding Mills: vertical roller mill / ball mill

Grinding Systems: closed circuit ball mill grinding / vrm final grinding

AGICO cooperates with CNBM to supply clients with outstanding modular grinding solutions!

Modular Mobile Cement Grinding Solution

The modular grinding plant is a new form of cement grinding plant in recent years. It divides a whole cement grinding line into multiple module units. The module integration of each equipment and the integrated design with containers make the installation and transportation of the modular grinding plant faster and more convenient.

The modular grinding plant is developed for small/medium but growing markets, especially for markets that only limited cement production capacity, but also a highly flexible system capable of producing a whole range of types of cement. The modular grinding plant is suited to producing any desired type of cement for local cement producers and market entrants as well as for large construction companies planning to expand their position by manufacturing cement.

The modular grinding station adopts a modular design, which not only has a compact technical structure, integrated functions, a small floor area, and convenient installation. Moreover, it can be unloaded, packaged, and transported in a modular way, so that it can be reassembled at a different location and put into production. In this way, the location of a modular grinding station can be easily changed, it is very convenient for the enterprise to reallocate its production resources.

AGICO modular cement grinding station focuses on the technical route of “modularization, standardization, integration, and intelligence” and is developed with the design concept of “less investment, quick effect, and reliable operation”.

Modular Grinding Plant Advantages

  • Relatively low investment and fast return.
  • Simple civil work.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • The period of delivery for production of the grinding plant is less than 12 months.
  • Modular design, convenient and fast installation and disassembly process.
  • Each module can be transported in a container, which is convenient for transportation and movement.
  • The intensive equipment layout can save the floor area to a great extent.
  • Shorten the distance between the manufacturer and the market, reducing the transportation and storage cost of finished cement.
modular grinding plant advantages

Main Modules of a Modular Grinding Plant

Like the traditional cement grinding plant, the modular grinding plant is composed of six main systems: raw material storage yard equipment system, grinding equipment system, conveying equipment system, powder separation and screening equipment system, dust collection equipment system, and warehousing and packaging equipment system.

Batching & Conveying Module

Clinker and other additives for grinding are fed by fork-lift truck to respective feeding bins. The feeding bins are installed in standardized containers.

Under the feed bin, a needle gate is installed at the discharge end of the bin together with the batching device to ensure that the material sent to the mill is properly proportioned. The conveyor belt collects the raw material mixture from the batching unit and transports it to the mill.

Grinding Mill Module

There are two types of mills commonly used in the modular mobile grinding station: ball mill and vertical roller mill (VRM). We will select the appropriate mill module according to the specific needs of customers.

The mill is the core component of a grinding plant. All other equipment in the grinding station serves the purpose of grinding. The performance of the mill will directly determine the output and product quality of a grinding plant.

AGICO grinding plants adopt mills that can be modular and quickly assembled and have superior performance to ensure that they meet the production needs of customers.

Separator & Filter Module

The function of this module is to screen the materials from the mill and screen out qualified and unqualified materials. After passing through the filter, the qualified materials are directly sent to the next link by the conveying device, and the unqualified coarse materials will be sent back to the mill for secondary grinding, so as to ensure the fineness of the products is qualified.

Storage & Bulking Module

The storage module is used to store qualified bulk cement after grinding. The module is composed of multiple silos and supporting conveying and lifting equipment. All the equipment is modularized and can be assembled quickly and conveniently.

Packing Module

The function of the packaging module is to pack bulk cement into bags for transportation and sales. The main equipment of the module is a roto packer. In addition, it also includes a feeding bin, a vibrating screen, a discharging device, and various conveying equipment.

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