Quick Setting Cement Production Line

Quick setting cement production line

Product Name: Quick Setting Cement Production Line
Capacity: 500 – 5000 TPD
Equipment: Crushers, Cyclone Preheating Tower, Decomposing Furnace, Rotary Kiln, Cooler, Ball Mill, Other Auxiliary Equipment.

AGICO Quick Setting Cement Production Line Features

We offer complete sets of cement plants and various auxiliary equipment for quick setting cement production. With more than 50 years of experience in cement plant design and manufacturing, we have developed a complete process from R&D to production. Our quick setting cement production equipment has received the CE certificate and earned a high reputation from clients at both home and abroad.

Quick Setting Cement Advantages & Applications

Quick setting cement or fast setting cement is a type of cement which can set into a stone-like mass in less than 30 minutes.

In addition, quick setting cement has the advantages of micro-expansion and normal strength at low temperature, and can maintain its strength for a long time.

Because of its characteristic of fast hardening and quick strength, quick setting cement has become an important must-have item for emergency repair works, tunnel construct works, anchor-shotcrete support works, water cutoff works, and highway surface repairs.

However, unlike ordinary portland cement, quick setting cement cannot be used anywhere. The proportion of quick-drying cement in concrete seriously affects its properties and effectiveness in use.

Quick Setting Cement Manufacturing

The manufacturing process of quick setting cement is same as that of other types of cement at most parts. But following controls must be followed in the manufacturing process to achieve the shortest setting time of quick setting cement.

(i) In the raw materials for quick setting cement production, the quantity of retarding agents like gypsum is reduced to a bare minimum.

(ii) The quantity of alumina-rich compound also needs to be reduced.

(iii) The clinker of quick setting cement must be ground to extreme fineness, which means the cement mill used in quick setting cement production must have high quality. Our cement ball mill with a grinding ratio of more than 300 can perfectly do the job.

cement ball mill in factory
Cement Ball Mill

Difference between Quick Setting Cement and Ordinary Portland Cement

In appearance, there is no obvious difference between quick drying cement and ordinary cement. But in terms of physical properties, they are quite different.

Dry time: Compared to ordinary portland cement, quick setting cement takes way less time to set.

Strength: Quick setting cement has a similar strength to portland cement after a long time of setting. However, in the early stage, the strength of quick setting cement is significantly higher than that of ordinary portland cement.

Micro expansion: Quick setting cement has micro expansion property. In the process of cement hydration, a lot of hydrated calcium sulfate is formed, which makes the cement produce micro expansion so that it has better compactness and better impermeability than Portland cement.
Corrosive resistance: Quick setting cement still maintains its strength at low temperatures.

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